March Kickstarter Round-Up: Your Lactic Threshold and Some Great Surreal Art

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Once a month we'll be bringing you a look at some of the best local Kickstarter campaigns in order to let you know what's getting ready to be unleashed through the help of small investors.

Fluid Dynamics: It's rare that I get really excited by art projects on Kickstarter because in general most people are way less talented than they think they are. Lulu Lin, though, has some really first-rate and spellbinding work that she's putting together here based on mixing women's forms with the way liquids behave in motion. The result is very delirious and beautiful.

More than anything else Lin is using the Kickstarter more as a pre-pay option for the art. I like the $27 option as your low buy-in personally. You get one of the images on a shirt, and while that's a bit high for a shirt it's a fancy wrap-around job, not just an iron on transfer. It'll be $250 before you start seeing original watercolors as rewards, though you can get simple prints for much cheaper.

Goal: $3,750 by March 19

Insight: Now, I don't exercise myself because we all got together at the Houston Press and decided that Brittanie Shey would do our share of working out for all the rest of us. I can understand the appeal, though. In shape people look nice.

To really reach for prime you're going to need technology, and BSX Athletics has a pretty slick piece to offer in the Insight. It's an all in one sensor that syncs with a Bluetooth and/or a sports watch to give you up to the minute readings on everything your body is doing during endurance sports like cycling and running. The BSX Insight you can simultaneously record heart rate, cadence, pace, calories burned, and something called a lactic threshold. I'm not sure what that is because the Wikipedia entry on it reads like chemistry, and I flunked that course, but if that means something to you then this looks like a great deal. $179 nets you the unit, which will normally sell for $249.

Goal: $50,000 by April 11

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