The Best Comics in March Part 2: Loki is Awesome and Buffy Doesn't Suck Anymore

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Each month the staff at 8th Dimension Comics picks out the best book to review. Click here for Part 1.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #1: If there's any genre harder to make a mark in these days than zombie fiction it's vampires. Trust Scott Snyder to accomplish it. His first run with American Vampire was a refreshing bit of new blood in the genre, and now he's back.

We're still dueling between the vampires Skinner (Unrepentant and murderous) and Pearl (Still trying to live the daywalker dream). If you missed the first go-round then there's a handy primer at the back of the first issue, but really the story draws you right in. Pearl runs a sort of Underground Railroad for refugee vampires, and opens her home to a young vampire girl who heralds the coming of an impossibly powerful supernatural force that will require Pearl to seek out Skinner for help.

The fractured timeline nature of the narrative is still a bit hard to follow, but the overall it's still one of the best comic vampire stories ever told.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1: Initially I was the biggest cheerleader of the comic continuation of Buffy anyone could have wanted. After about a year and a half, though, the whole thing went very south very fast. I hate to be the one to say it, but Joss Whedon really messed up his own baby pretty bad.

Still, I enjoyed the last several issues of Angel and Faith, and I was willing to give Buffy another shot in honor of a change of direction. Gone is a lot of the global madness they were peddling when things went bad the first time, and now Buffy and her gang are back in California ridding small towns of zombie-vampires just like in the old days.

There are enough changes to keep it fresh, and more than a touch of Walking Dead to the setting (Honestly the best thing for it really), but the bare bones manner of rebranding cuts a lot of the baggage built up from when the series had gone too off the rails.

Oh, and Giles is now Harry Potter. It's way more awesome than it sounds.

Rating: 8 of 10

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