The Best Comics in March Part 1: Garth Ennis Does Homeward Bound

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Each month the staff at 8th Dimension Comics picks out the best book to review. Look for Part 2 tomorrow.

Veil #1: Whenever I see a Greg Rucka title I always feel like I'm in line for a roller coaster I am probably not tall enough to ride on safely. The man is a master of strange exhilarations, and Veil is already on its way to being one of his best.

The story follows a young woman who wakes up naked in the subway able to talk, but stuck speaking in compulsive rhymes and unable to identify herself. Walking out nude into the streets of New York gets her exactly the sort of attention you'd expect, but once a man named Dante realizes that the woman who calls herself Veil is actually confused and unable to care for herself he takes her home to help her. Unfortunately, his friends take offense at what they consider him denying them their rape, and it's in a bloody confrontation in a tenement hall that Veil reveals that she has a gruesome and deadly power.

It's storytelling at its finest, and you'll be hooked from the very first page. This promises to be that roller coaster ride I mentioned. Hold on tight.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Rover Red Charlie #4: Speaking of people who write comics that you had better be damned well prepared to get hurt while reading, Garth Ennis has taken the concept of post-apocalyptic fiction and made it infinitely more sad. How?

Red, Rover, and Charlie are three dogs who have survived the end of the world and the death of all the "feeders". They're making their way across the country Walking Dead-style, encountering the sad wreckage of the world they knew as they do so. One dog they find is Audi, an army German Shepherd who is the last member of his platoon and who insanely guards the site of their last battle in a pathetically stubborn version of duty to his former masters. Yet another dying dog they find curses the feeders of the world and causes the three good dogs to question the nature of evil.

It's basically Homeward Bound if there was no home to be bound for and everything that happened was soul-crushing. It's brutally brilliant, but prepare to bleed.

Rating: 8 of 10

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