How I Met Your Mother Comes Full Circle After Nine Seasons

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If Friends was confined to a specific period of time, How I Met Your Mother was built on a gratifying counter premise. That premise isn't that friendships last forever (sorry Spice Girls), or that circumstances don't change or induce change. It's that those friends and experiences, even the ones as seemingly trivial as Robots-vs.-Wrestlers, fit meaningfully into the larger context of life. It's that --and here's what Bays and Thomas (and Bob Saget) really had to say-- life is at worst devastating and at best exquisite, but when viewed as the full, sublime mosaic, it's always purposeful. How I Met Your Mother may be known as a show about hope, but I'd argue that it's just as much about the joy that comes from being reminded that every moment of your life matters.

That Bays and Thomas managed to thread this philosophy through nine seasons without veering into religious territory is impressive; that their sentimentality never sunk the show's signature humor or wit is perhaps what made it so special. It takes skill to be able to build Barney's insane sexual trysts into Ted's (mostly) poetic journey to love, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. (Here's to hoping Barney's hilariously inappropriate Twitter feed stays intact.)

So in a sweet but sad way, we'll never need a How I Met Your Mother reunion: We know that Lily and Marshall will move to Italy to pursue her art career before Marshall becomes a judge, that she'll give birth to a girl named Daisy, and that they'll grow old together just as we knew they would when he proposed in the first episode. We know that the recently hitched Barney and Robin will continue to be the flawed, messy, exciting couple that took a series of left turns to find love in each other. They'll travel the world and drive each other nuts and live a "legendary" life, despite not being able to have kids.

As for Ted, come Monday, we'll know exactly when and how he'll meet his other half, played by the brilliant Cristin Milioti, after he finally (finally) let go of Robin. And of course, as Bays and Thomas promised, we'll find out why he's telling this story to his poor kids. Whether or not The Mother is alive in 2030 matters much less to me than it did a few weeks ago when the theory re-surfaced (them internets are crazy), but we'll have to wait that one out as well.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this handy How I Met Your Mother guide for any new fans, and this ridiculously awesome gem from my aforementioned favorite episode:

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Raulitoway Valdes
Raulitoway Valdes

It's because of them that I'm looking for an apartment with a bar next to it. Apartment guide doesn't consider that an amenity.

Jason Jonathan Rivas
Jason Jonathan Rivas

A very clever and well written show that truly was legen-wait-for-it-dary!

I am glad you enjoyed one of the worst shows in recent history.  I for one will be glad it's dead and will dread seeing the horror in endless syndication.  Fuck this stupid show.  I am overjoyed it is almost over.

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