For the Fancy Potheads: Cannabis Wedding Receptions and Luxury Pot Tours

Photo by DC Atty via flickr

Elite Cannabis Events
When the elite want to get stoned, it's got to be in some classy manner, we suppose. That's where folks like Edible Events come in. The high-end cannabis events from Edible Events are held at private art galleries, and are catered to the professional cannabis connoisseurs by way of incredible food, music, and cocktails in a cannabis-friendly environment.

It's a sophisticated, fancy-schmancy sort of thing, and they're getting all sorts of awesome buzz from these events. Makes sense, though. Who doesn't want to hang out in an art gallery full of weed smoke and food?

Photo by cireremarc via flickr
Artisan Weed Brownies (And Other Quality Weed-Foods, Of Course)
Behold the Marijuana Chefs, whose entire job it is to make your food taste delicious while it gets you stoned. It sounds like a fantastic job, if we do say so ourselves. Discreet Treats MMJ in Colorado Springs is a prime example of the need for upscale, quality cannabis food items.

The "Take and Bake" retail shop caters to the medical marijuana community, and offers up goodies like "Reefers Peanut Butter Cups" or "Buddha Brownies," all of which are cooked up by their master chefs with care. They also offer a full list of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains to choose from. We think we may be in love with a bakery, and its name is Discreet Treats.

And Finally, Gold Rolling Papers For You Elite Potheads
We wanted to talk about how Porsche has a luxury shisha for the fanciest of the fancy, but then we found these: Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers. Who gives a damn about a shisha when you can roll your fancy, aromatic bud in gold? We love gold!

Seriously, these papers are so fancy that we'd be scared to smoke with them. Your expensive bud has a right to go out while wrapped in some fancy shit, though, so go on ahead and check 'em out, if you're cool with burning gold while you burn your 'dro. These are so shiny and awesome. We almost can't look away.

Have fun with your fancy cannabis, Colorado. Until it's legalized in Texas, we'll be the ones keeping the sandwich bag industry in business. But once it's legal to light up, we'll be rolling with Shine just like you fancy folks. Just you wait.

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

This  just seems  out of  the world stuff  .This seems to  be   the recipe for super luxury  wedding .Such  a  weeding event  will remain embedded  foe  ever in the mind of  people.But i thing the legal angle has to  be taken absolutely care of. and   also  some extra  caution  and care need to be taken of  the  guests.


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