For the Fancy Potheads: Cannabis Wedding Receptions and Luxury Pot Tours

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So, let's talk about the traditional method of weed delivery, shall we? The nickel sack.

Does anyone here remember the nickel sack? You'd buy it in some hurried drug deal, a process in which you'd deliver your five dollar bill to some the shady guy out of view, who would then pull a crumpled-up sandwich bag out of his nether regions. It was a crazy, somewhat unsanitary process of scoring some weed, but it was weed, and you were happy.

Well, those days are over folks. Sorry to kill the nostalgia buzz, but gone are the days of stuffing your shoe -- or your nether regions -- with a sandwich bag full of weed. These days, it's all about the frills of the drug deal. Seriously.

Now that recreational weed is legal in a couple of states, we are starting to see a new phenomenon arise from the prohibition ashes: the re-branding of cannabis. Weed no longer carries some sort of stoner stigma, and these days it's all about the high-end, flavor-profiled cannabis, and the cannabis connoisseurs that flock to it.

As expected, there are also plenty of elite cannabis items surfacing to placate those cannabis connoisseurs, too. No need to mourn the death of the nickel bag just yet, though; the gold rolling papers and luxury shisha's listed below should be just fine bandages for those wounds.

Here are the latest luxury pot items to grow out of this reefer madness. Welcome to the world of mainstream pot culture, folks, where the brownies in your local bakery are full of cannabis, and the schnozberries taste like schnozberries.

Photo by meddygarnet via flickr
Cannabis Wedding Receptions
Alcohol is so passe, now that you can have an open cannabis bar at your wedding reception. That's right, guys. It's not just your hippie uncle who will be stoned at the wedding now; you'll all be stoned thanks to the open bar full o' weed.

Apparently there are cannabis fanatics who have chosen to incorporate weed into their weddings in all sorts of ways; pot fashioned into boutonnieres and pot-leaf bouquets to vaping stations and cannabis menus, the mainstreaming of pot has made it totally socially acceptable to incorporate it into your nuptials.

Honestly, though, we love this idea. It sure would make RSVP'ing to that wedding invite a bit less painful if we knew there would be some THC a'waitin' our arrival. And yes, anyone planning to invite us to your boring wedding, that's a hint.

Luxury Pot Tours
We've already addressed the beauty of the pot tour in a previous blog, but what we didn't get around to addressing -- because it didn't exist -- was the luxury pot tour. Yes, you guys, it can get better than just a good ol' pot tour.

Spiro Tours, home of the "premium cannabis tour," recently started offering some high-end pot experiences -- the fancy cousin of those popular cargo van tours -- and the packages, which vary from skiing adventures to spa retreats, all with cannabis elements, are on their way to becoming a very popular treat.

We're kinda diggin' the Mountain Adventure Tour, which throws your stoned ass in a four-star hotel, takes you skiing, and also hooks you up with a Red Rocks concert, in addition to about a million other things. Spiro seems to be quite the man when it comes to luxury cannabis culture, because really now. That entire menu of tours sounds too awesome to comprehend.

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

This  just seems  out of  the world stuff  .This seems to  be   the recipe for super luxury  wedding .Such  a  weeding event  will remain embedded  foe  ever in the mind of  people.But i thing the legal angle has to  be taken absolutely care of. and   also  some extra  caution  and care need to be taken of  the  guests.


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