The Strangest Job Ads on Craigslist

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Females Sell Us Your Nude Selfies (Houston, TX)
Females make money selling us your nude selfies. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

You must be at least 18 years old, other than that there are no restrictions.

We will not tell you what to do in your nude selfies, we just ask that you are naked and that we can see your face in every nude selfie that you send us.

We will need a minimum of ten nude selfies to work with you.
For the first ten nude selfies we will pay you $500 and $100 for every additional nude selfie you send us.

As you can see, we accept a wide variety of nude females.

Here is how you can make more money:
-Send us a lot of nude selfies. We pay for nude selfies that meet the criteria.
-If you are smiling or looking at us is a bonus.
-Being creative or daring in your nude selfies.
-Sending us a set of nude selfies, one after the other. ie you undressing or a themed set of selfies.
-Any nude costume or makeup.
-The less clothes you have on the better.
-More nude females per selfie means more money.
-Sexual content or activity will get you high dollar.

If you are not nude or we can not see your face we will not be able to pay you for that selfie. If we do not get at least ten nude selfies to start off with, we can not pay you.

What we do with the nude selfies you send us?
-We save them for our portfolio along with your information.
-We do use your pictures as examples in ads and to recruit more females. If we use your nude selfie we will notify you.
-We are working on sevral projects like calendars and such. If we use your nude selfie for a project we will notify and you get a free copy of the finished product.
-We will not sell or abuse your nude selfies. Your nude selfies will be kept private and will not be plastered all over the Internet. At the moment we do not have a website for this reason.
-If we really like your look and you are interested we might higher you to meet with one of our photographers for a professional nude shoot.

With the nude selfies please include the following information:
-Full Name
-Date of Birth
-Zip Code
-Email adress

Your information will remain private. At no time will we use your nude selfies with your information. If we need to use a stage name with any project, we will contact you and get approval.

Once we take a look at your nude selfies and the selfies meet the criteria, we will contact you for payment.

Again, we need to see your face in every nude selfie you submit to us.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you,

Focus Casting
Houston, TX

Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie and Getting Payed More

-Always, always make sure you're alone. You don't want a friend, family member or even a pet photo-bombing your selfie.
-Check lighting. Like in any photographic scenario, here too, lighting plays an important role. Your light source should be in front of you, so that no unflattering shadows are created.
-The setting is important. No one wants to see the clogged drain in your shower when you're taking a selfie in the bathroom.
-Find your sweet spot. Everyone has one. The right angle of your face and your best side will make a great selfie.
-Avoid cliches like Duck Face, Frog Face, Sparrow Face or animal faces of any kind. Your own face should just about do it for you, don't you think?
-Filter, filter, filter - There's nothing like an Instagram filter to compliment a selfie.

THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA, AND ALSO NOT A JOB. Do not send your naked photos and your identifying information to anyone on the Internet. This is how accidents happen, folks.

Not a job, not a job and not a job. Selfies, no matter how hard you werk in them, are not a job, nor will they ever be. So if you come across something like this on the Craigslist job boards, please don't be tempted by whatever they're offering to pay you if they approve them.

Need women into kissing women (Houston)

Women, if you enjoy kissing other women, let me know. You'll be compensated for your time. :)

So, what in the world is this? Is someone going to pay you to kiss women from the comfort of your own home? Their home? The Internet? Space? And why, oh why, are they offering to pay you to kiss women on the job boards?

We are so confused. And exhausted. Craigslist job boards are an exhausting place, especially when you're trying to decipher anything above.

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