The Strangest Job Ads on Craigslist

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If you're looking for a new job and are finding yourself in the doldrums, we get it. Looking for a new job is tedious, frustrating and often downright overwhelming.

But you know what makes that job search even worse? When the job board is full of completely awful ads. Craigslist -- that good ol' community board where you can sell your old junk to willing buyers -- is a fantastic place to start your job search. There are plenty of actual employers seeking folks to fill actual positions with their companies.

Dig a little deeper into that Craigslist job well, and you'll come up with ads looking to fill some of the strangest jobs ever. So if you're feeling a bit frustrated with the job search, we're here to tell you that it could always be worse. You could be applying for one of these jobs.

Here are the strangest job ads we found on Craigslist. And yes, as strange as it may seem, they all came directly from the job boards. Craigslist doesn't even have an "adult" section anymore -- that we know of, anyway.

IF YOU CAN WALK AND TALK, THEN YOUR HIRED (Webster, League City, Friendswood, Pasadena)

IF YOU CAN WALK AND TALK, then your hired. Get your exercise while earning a lot of money. Training starts tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Come and grow with one of the nations top remodeling companies.

Listen. All we're gonna say is, we hope that this place is just the tiniest bit more selective than this. "IF YOU CAN WALK AND TALK, then your hired" is great and all, but they're running the risk of having an influx of toddlers show up to training, as those are skills that they also have mastered.

Maybe they should edit it to say something like, "If you can walk and talk in full sentences," or something. We don't know; we aren't advertising geniuses. We just know that no one wants to compete for a job with a toddler. How could you possibly win, with their cute chubby cheeks and crooked smiles and all? No one wins a job over a toddler.

marketing research

Hi I would like to ask for market research service
I have a company for (network designing and installing).
Can you do the following points?

How big is the market of networking technology? Including its current size and historic growth rate as well as other trends and characteristics.

Customer: Who is my potential customer? What there needs and likes? What are the critical needs of my potential customers? What are the demographics of the group and where are they located? Are there any seasonal or cyclical purchasing trends that may impact your business?

Competitive analysis: market share, strengths and weaknesses, how important are my target market to my competitors? Are there any barriers that may hinder you as you enter the market? What is my window of opportunity to enter the market? Are there any indirect or secondary competitors who may impact my success? What are the prices of their services?
Where is the best market place to compete in that having more customers and less competitor?

All these points in addition to any other information that can be done in marketing research.

How much is the accuracy of this research?

To be honest, we aren't even sure what the above ad is asking. Perhaps it's our marketing naiveté or our lack of grasp on the basics of the English language, but that ad makes entirely no sense to us.

What are they advertising for? A marketing researcher position? Or are they conducting research themselves? The world is a confusing place on the Craigslist job boards. A confusing place indeed.

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