5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Resident Evil

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Resident Evil was definitely the first game I remember being so engrossing that I was just as happy watching other people play it as I was playing it myself. Though it seems tame today when compared to, say, The Last of Us, when it came out it was more than able to make me fill my boxer-briefs with fear piddle. That first time the Cerberus busts through the windows, the scream of the Hunters, and that freakin' giant snake were all important milestones in my personal development as an eternal 12-year-old girl.

Since those days the series has had its ups and downs. I've not remained a dedicated fan but I do check in on it every once in a while. There are some interesting bits of trivia hanging around the edges that you might not be aware of. Such as...

Two Other Franchises Started Out as Resident Evil Sequels: Resident Evil 4 had one of the more painful developmental process in the series. Capcom was still adapting to the Playstation 2 hardware, and designer Shinji Mikami was increasingly adding things that were wandering farther and farther afield from what the franchise was known for. He asked permission from Capcom higher ups to switch the game to an all new titles, but received a curt no in response.

Undaunted, Mikami spent three months slowly working on his team, member by member, to convince them that they had a whole new action adventure title on their hands and not a traditional Resident Evil. The extra work managed to sway the higher ups and thw blockbuster series Devil May Cry games was born in addition to the eventual RE4.

The game that eventually became Onimusha also grew out of an attempt to make a Resident Evil game. This one though was set in feudal Japan using ninjas. Yes, the world missed out on ninja zombies. Somehow that seems impossible.

It's Full of Queen References: Someone in Capcom is a big fan of Queen. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but a rather large number of references to the band do tend to show up in the games.

Claire Redfield sports two jackets with nods to Queen songs. In Resident Evil 2 her jacket says "Made in Heaven", which is the name of the 15th and final album the band made before the death of Freddie Mercury. Her brother Chris had a similar one in the first game. In Code Veronica she has a new jacket with the words "Let Me Live", which was track three from the same album.

Later on, in Resident Evil Zero Billy Coen has a prominent tattoo that says "Mother Love", yet another track from the album. It should be noted that Freddie Mercury died of complications from AIDS, a highly transmittable disease that many still feel was secretly released by sinister powers as the Umbrella Corporation did with their bio-weapons. Coen himself battles a giant blood-sucking leach infested with a man-made virus, which may again be an allegory for the unfortunate demise of Mercury.

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Resident Evil four was not made for PS2, it was built from the ground up for the Gamecube and later a crappy port was released on the Ps2 with extra content but had horrible textures and framerate, Resident Evil 4 was the last game in an exclusivity agreement with the big N...

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