Pop Rocks: The Five Most Racist-Inducing Moments of Super Bowl XLVIII

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3. Cheerios Mixed-Race Ad

The Cheerios ad featuring a mixed-race family has been around since early 2013, but once again, it brought the hate on Super Bowl Sunday. The ad, featuring an adorable little girl, her black father and white mother seemed to drive people as crazy as it did last year with many claiming Cheerios was trying to ram diversity down our throats. I assumed they were just trying to ram Cheerios down there, but what do I know?

2. Richard Sherman Wheeled Away

When Sherman was injured late in the game and had to be wheeled out on a cart, initial questions came in as to whether this was a real injury or just a way to keep him away from the cameras when the game ended. Turns out he was really hurt and the avalanche of tweets claiming it was karma for his controversial postgame interview after the NFC Championship came pouring down. Of course, if it were truly karma, he wouldn't have won the Super Bowl, but...

1. Coke's Multi-Lingual "America the Beautiful" Ad

The first thing I said to the group of people I was watching the game with was, "This is going to piss a lot of people off." Coke, always a little on the hippie side with its ads over the years despite its occasionally brutal corporate practices (never mind the mass quantities of sugar in its beverages). The "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" Christmas ad that became one of the most popular of all time. But, in this ad, they attempted to show the diversity of America with people singing "America the Beautiful" in various languages instead of just holding hands. Naturally, rage ensued.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Twitter is a dying medium and should really quit being focused on.  

Daniel Rodríguez Daál
Daniel Rodríguez Daál

I'm offended that news outlets report (promote) any tweet on the internet that is racist

gossamersixteen topcommenter

That Cheerios ad was clearly made for shock value, to generate buzz/word of mouth.. It's not as though they're promoting racial harmony.

Sam Samson
Sam Samson

No one's upset that the NFL is a "Non-Profit"?



As a white guy who's been married to a Black woman for over thirty years, let me assure you that if you go looking for racist comments/tweets you will certainly find them. The question is, why go looking for them? You know they're out there.

In all fairness, let me add that, in our over thirty years together, my wife and I have never encountered any rude or hostile behavior because of our mixed marriage. People may have "thought" some ugly things, but we've never heard any. Now, I realize things might be different if I were Black and my wife were white, but I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.

On a more humorous note, when I told my students that I was married to a Black woman, they asked me if we had any children. When I told them we had a son, they asked, "Does that mean he's Mexican?"


@gossamersixteen WTF is shocking about an interracial relationship? And yes, they're obviously promoting their product. No one was confused about that.


Now you don't want to go and make the owners upset, do you?


@tjiocca While working overseas I dated a bi-racial lady.  She was a triple threat.  Bi-racial, bisexual, and bipolar.  (No joke.)  I knew she had a "problem", but she got me to give her a chance.  Her mental condition was sort of under control with meds, but she still had major issues.  Her self-identity was conflicted since she considered herself "black", but was upset when people would stare at her in public.  I would have to gently remind her that I wasn't concerned about her identity, so she would get off the subject.  We couldn't stay together as a couple, but blacks in our office were supportive since they thought I was a "nice" guy for trying to be good to her.  We only had one minor incident where a black gentleman was a bit annoyed by our being together but that's on him.  As for the Super Bowl, nothing like a major event to attract both good and bad attention.

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