Be Polite With Your Pot by Using Cannabis Etiquette

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Are those pot brownies? Oh, perhaps you should say something.
It makes sense to label some food that contains weed, guys. You may know that it's been baked with shake, but when you place it on a table full of other THC-less foods, there's a good chance that no one will be the wiser.

While we appreciate your goodwill and your generosity, it's probably wise to warn sugar addicts that the brownies pack a little more punch than they think. We don't need anyone wolfing down three or four pot treats by accident. Make a little funny card to display, stand by the brownies and give verbal warning, or whatever. Just make sure the folks at the party know what they're in for.

Photo by Tobin Bjorn Hansen via flickr
Mary Jane may be your main thing, but it isn't for the dude next to you.
Don't just light up because it's legal to do so. Seriously. It's the rudest thing ever to just light up in the middle of a party, or someone's house, or even the darned street. Seattle agrees, even with its lax cannabis laws. That city will fine you $27 for public smoking, and we're sure it's well worth it to keep that stuff to a minimum. You may be a pot fan, but that doesn't mean the folks surrounding you are. It's no different from just straight-up lighting a cigarette in public.

Want to smoke at a party? Check with your host, and then take your buns outside. It's the proper thing to do. And when in public, just don't do it at all. The mom walking with her kid shouldn't be forced to explain what that skunky perfume is. It can wait, the same way that beer can wait till you're in a bar or on your couch.

Table manners are useful in these situations.
Mind your manners, and keep your elbows off the table. Some of those big-boy contraptions are expensive pieces of art, and we don't need your poor posture knocking them over. Besides, bong water really stinks and we can't imagine it's easy to get out of the expensive rug in your friend's adult pad after you've knocked the thing down.

Peer pressure isn't cool at 30, guys.
It wasn't cool to call your friends out in high school for passing on the joint, and it's really not cool past that age, either. Smoking, if it's legal where you're at, is your right. You fought for that right, and you're given the opportunity to make your own decision. So don't call your buddy out for choosing not to smoke. Stuff like that gives the entire cannabis community a bad name.

And as always, sharing is caring.
This is such a given, but it is worth repeating anyway. Have permission from your host, or in your own house? Well, remember to be polite and offer to share the wealth. And be patient with the new guys. They'll learn the clockwise pass eventually.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Tax Tax Tax.  Tax the hell out of it.  Nated Nation will pay for it.


If it is clockwise in the Northern hemisphere, what about the Southern hemisphere? 


@morning_sunshine @DeathBreathYes, perhaps, one day, Texas will boast of the biggest yield.  I want to see green fields of cannabis in boring Lubbock, Texas where cotton is grown.  For this area, I would love to drive down IH45/IH35 & roll down the window and smell the fresh aroma.  Who needs rice fields?  Ah, what a wonderful plant. 

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