The 10 Best Bioshock Items on Etsy

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When it came time to upgrade to a PS4, I went on a massive trade-in spree in order to afford the new system. While that did allow me to pick up the eighth generation console on my Ramen-noodle lifestyle salary, it did mean that a lot of games I normally would have enjoyed playing again wound up back in circulation. At the moment I'm going through rather severe Bioshock withdrawal, so I thought I'd take a look at the crafts on Etsy inspired by the game series to cheer myself up.

One of the enduring images of the Bioshock series is the juxtaposition of horror and emotion. The Little Sisters see the hulking big daddies as their heroes and protectors, and even craft small dolls to look just like them. CornFieldPrims cobbled together a very impressive re-creation of the dolls seen in the course of the game made out of felt, muslin, a baseball head, a corkscrew for the famous drill, and other insanely detailed little touches. It's not safe for children to cuddle with because of the sharp edges, but you really shouldn't be letting your kids play the game in the first place, so there's that.

Now, here's someone you can snuggle up with, provided you have $230 and like the feeling of suede that is. Kittencupcake offers these hand-stitched plush versions of the massive Songbird that are nearly two feet tall and made of high-quality Crypton suede. You can even have doll joints incorporated into the plush to make them more flexible and vastly increase the quality of their hugs. Songbird statue in picture not included.

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Everything good comes in liquid form in Bioshock. Plasmids, vigors, and wonderful, life-giving alcohol. That's not the drunk in me talking. You actually do get a small bit of life back in the back when you drink bottles of booze you find lying around. Celebrate that fact with a flask bearing the logo of my favorite vigor, the Murder of Crows. Nothing more fun than watching Handymen swat at the birds while you pump shotgun rounds into his conveniently exposed heart.

You find a lot of steampunk crap on Etsy claiming to be related to Bioshock despite the fact that the first two games are Art Deco mixed with dystopian German Expressionism and the third is more Coney Island meets The World of Tomorrow. Amid all the XBox controller shells that mix these design elements up the product EdgeWorks offers stands out. The white shell with its stitched design subtly calls to mind the masquerade masks of the party splicers, and the center is dominated by the ominous portholes used by the Little Sisters. These are just shells, mind you, but full controllers can be arranged if you don't feel up to doing the putting together yourself.

Speaking of splicer masks the best one on Etsy comes from right here in Texas thanks to Lauren Bonneau of McKinney. Made of high quality resins, this mask features golden accents, and highly realistic detail work hand-painted over clay. Perfect for hiding the scars of ADAM abuse.

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