10 Movies to Give You Some Houston Rodeo Fashion Inspiration

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3. You are still living in the 1980s in a small, religious town in Oklahoma and you just want to dance, goddamnitAriel Moore, (played by Lori Singer from Corpus Cristi, BTDubs), the female lead in the real Footloose movie, looks like she just stepped out of an American Apparel ad. You too can have this look. It's all skin-tight jeans, puffy-shouldered shirts with Peter Pan collars buttoned up to the neck or off the shoulder Pepto-pink prom dresses. And then pile all your hair on the top of your head because, hey, you do that already anyway when you wear your super large ironically nerdy grandma glasses.

2. Wearing a silver bracelet can be manly, just ask Smokey and the BanditShow up to the rodeo in the most masculine of ensembles, a cowboy hat and a turquoise and silver cuff. You are a freakin' man!

1. You know what? You do you at the rodeo, just like in Natural Born Killers

Some one consider this look "in" again
Every ensemble thrown together in the Natural Born Killers is red neck chic, right down to the crimped hair, snake tattoos, high-wasted jeans, crop tops, red mesh shirts, bad mullets and excessive guns. I would not use the AK 47s as fashion accessories if I were you; I think the rodeo has some rules about that. But what do I know? It is Texas.

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