10 Movies to Give You Some Houston Rodeo Fashion Inspiration

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6. For a '60s, but you're also kind of into the '80s look, check out Sweet Dreams
Patsy Cline may have hit her peak in the early 1960s, but something about Jessica Lange's style says "It's like totally 1985" in this flick. My guess is because that's when it was filmed. Copy her style with overly permed hair and gold lame.

5. Cowboy Hipster was a thing way before Montrose as evident in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

I literally saw two guys dressed just like this yesterday
Squat derby hats, slim-fitted pants, corduroy blazers, unnecessary vests that tie up, perfectly messy hair, creepstaches that kind of look attractive -- did you just watch the Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie or walk into Moon Tower on a Tuesday night?

4. You are 12 years old, and you still dig Hannah Montanna's steeze
Don't feel bad little girls if you really wish Miley Cyrus would just stop twerking and put back on a jean skirt and a flannel shirt and be her good old Hannah Montana self. Hey, maybe this new Miley is really just pretending to be the shock and awe, fifth-wave feminist, sexual explorer by night version of herself and soon enough she will go back to being the girl we once loved. Art imitating life imitating art.

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