Strange Spring 2014 Trends Coming Your Way

Leather T-Shirt
Can it be called a t-shirt if it is leather? Not in Houston! If you are daring enough to try this, maybe you can pair with a vinyl pencil skirt.

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Floral Suit
I'm all for a suit in anything but black or gray, but a head to toe floral is where I draw the line. Kim Kardashian taught us that lesson.

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Embellished Sport Sandal a.k.a. Chic-O-Pedics
A distant relative of the Croc and, as such, should not be worn out for dinner.

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Lace Veil Headband
Other than a bunny funeral or receiving a Grammy for best new artist, I'm not sure when anyone would wear this.

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Flower Diagram Sweatshirt
Yes, that is the same flower diagram you filled in during that elementary biology test. It's like a walk down memory lane on your chest.

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