Strange Spring 2014 Trends Coming Your Way

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Photo by Gary Rogers, via Wikimedia Commons
Strange, but true.
Even though winter's icy fingers are still clamped on our shoulders, many in the fashion world have turned their eyes to what we all will be wearing in the coming Spring.

After countless hours forecasting and trend reporting, stores are beginning to stock their shelves with spring collections shown last September at New York Fashion Week. Buyers have settled in on the looks of Spring 2014 and it isn't half bad. Cropped jackets, athletic striped dress pants, pop art prints, pastels (for spring...groundbreaking.) and white blouses (if you can call that a trend) are a few of the trends you can expect to see in March.

But every season, not-so-wearable, or just plain ugly, items make their way onto the catwalk and into your favorite stores. Designers are supposed to push the envelope of fashion, but sometimes they take it to level the average person can't follow. I'm not saying that somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight there isn't a woman to rock a rhinestone encrusted Dior halter crop top. But for the masses, many trendy items do not fit into our daily lifestyle.

Here are six trendy items not even the great Kate Moss need have in her closet -- but she will because she is Kate Moss.

Iridescent Scuba Dress
Apparently, looking like a character from Star Trek is in.

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