The Top 7 Texas-Centric Movie Remakes Starring Jennifer Lawrence

She can do or be anything, pretty much
Whether she's comforting sick kids in a pre-Christmas visit to Kosair Children's Hospital in Kentucky, schmoozing a love-struck David Letterman, or extolling the virtues of stuffing herself with junk food, we cannot get enough of Jennifer Lawrence. Can. Not.

In fact, we'd even be OK with the ultra-real, refreshingly self-effacing Oscar winner launching her own live webcam, providing a 24/7 link to her daily meanderings. JennTV: All Jennifer Lawrence, all the time. And though none of those sick kids have been reported spontaneously cured following December's Jenn-eficent hospital visitation, it's still early. Give it time.

Creepy? So be it. She's the Anti-Kardashian.

Beyond this year's Catching Fire installment, La Lawrence is due to flex her bow again in two more Hunger Games sequels. But why stop there? How about some remakes of movies, filmed in or near Houston, all of which would be better starring our favorite actor/humanitarian?

Here's our picks:

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