The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Photographers

Photo by Jackson Myers
Houston is a hotbed for photography. Between the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, the University of Houston and Rice University art programs, support programs like Project Rowhouses and the Houston Center for Photography, learning about photography, breaking into the art scene and being successful are much more likely here than in New York. So here's our look at our favorite photographers. We excluded regular photographers for the Houston Press regular photographers, in an effort not to seem unduly influenced by the fact we love and respect them all. (Sorry guys and gals, we'll have to make a different list for you some other time.)

10. Jackson Myers

The winner of the Photo of the Year in the Houston Press 2013 Web Awards for his image of the Space Shuttle leaving Houston, Myers is an Apple app developer, with an undergraduate degree in physics from McGill University, a masters in nanoscale physics at Rice University, where he also studied for a Ph.D. in applied physics.

Photo by Lou Vest
From his Houston Ship Channel series

9. Lou Vest

Winner of the Best Photo of the Year in the Houston Press 2011 Web Awards, Vest explores a unique landscape - the waterways of the Houston Ship Channel. An on-board pilot for incoming and outgoing ships, Vest takes very little equipment on his shoots (since he has to carry everything up and down a rope ladder. See more of his work on Flickr.

Photo by David Brown
8. David Brown

David Brown, an artist activist as well as a photographer, shot a 2011 series of photographs which seemed to show both the outside and inside of public spaces.

Photo by Libbie Masterson
Big Bend, from Masterson's Sky series

7. Libbie Masterson

Now a curator for the Houston Center for Photography, Masterson often shoots low-light landscapes.

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I might be bias, but I will throw Richard Yates into the mix. He shows amazing talent! He is currently only 19 years old with the success and accolades he has received with his current portfolio, I can't wait to see what the future brings for him. 

Seymour Slutz
Seymour Slutz

shout out to the keibler elves. Keep up the good work


I'd like to see a list of the top fashion photographers in Houston. All of these photogs are fantastic but they're mostly shooting photography for art's sake. Let's see some recognition for guys like Gentry, Vogel and LAI; fashion does exist in Houston!


Mark C Austin is, by far, the top music photographer in Houston, if not in the state.


I don't know how I feel about some of these choices. There is a definitely a lot more choices out here.

Browse the members section of the Houston chapter of the ASMP here for some inspiring work:

Some of my own photos if you wish here:

Todd Spoth
Todd Spoth

How are these chosen? I know its all subjective, but the lead photo is a badly processed (HDR-ish) shot of downtown? We have better thats for sure!


I completely agree with you there. However, I am a fan of Jackson's other photos, which are much, much less gimmicky-looking.

Olivia Online
Olivia Online

Good suggestion, Chris's landscapes and nature shots are beautiful.

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