Pop Rocks: The Brilliance of "The Yada Yada" With Video Evidence

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The Jerry Plot

Jerry is convinced his dentist, Tim Whatley (played by Bryan Cranston long before his role on Breaking Bad), has converted to Judaism so he can tell jokes from multiple religions. Jerry is ultimately accused of being an anti-dentite.

How it entered the overall plot line:

Besides Jerry's apartment being the hub of all activity, each of the other characters seek out Jerry's counsel and are ultimately disappointed. Finally, at the wedding, it turns out that Mickey's father is a dentist and threatens to knock Jerry's teeth out for being an "anti-dentite bastard."

Best scene:

Jerry visits Tim Whatley's former priest in the confessional, making all sorts of mistakes when trying to follow Catholic traditions. When the priest asks if Whatley's jokes offend him as a Jewish person, he says, "No, they offend me as a comedian." He then gives an example of a joke about Raquel Welch that the priest finds hilarious.

Best quote(s):

Beth: What was that all about?
Jerry: Oh, I said something about dentists and it got blown all out of proportion.
Beth: Hey, what do you call a doctor who fails out of med school?
Jerry: What?
Beth: A dentist.
Jerry: That's a good one. Dentists.
Beth: Yeah, who needs 'em? Not to mention the Blacks and the Jews.

How does yada yada enter?

When speaking to the priest, he yada yadas part of the joke about Raquel Welch.

And a little bonus anti-dentite video for good measure...

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