5 Good Groups That Always Get Lumped in With Nutbars

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The problem with America is that unlike almost every other type of democracy in the developed world we decided two teams were all we needed. Sit down, Libertarians, Green Party members and registered Independents, because when the chips are down, no matter what you consider yourself to be, much of politics is what others consider you to be. Trust me, to the majority of left-leaning people in the world, Libertarian means Republican, and I'm sure the reverse is true from the other side.

Is it fair? No, of course it isn't, but it is the way things are. It's a real shame, too, because no person divides up equally on all issues. The result of our Us vs. Them approach to the world means that no matter how closely you feel about something, you are eventually going to be sitting in the same bus as raving loons simply because that's how the kickball teams get picked. People like...

Safety Advisers Sound Like Victim Blamers: There are some very good pieces of advice if you want to make yourself safer from assault or robbery when out and about. Things like, "Be aware of your surroundings", "Stay in well-lit areas with people you know", and "Keep your eyes off your bloody phone when you're walking down the street at night, you idiot!" If you combine a basic set of safety knowledge like this with self-defense training, mace, pepper spray, or other deterrents that you feel comfortable with then you can vastly improve your chances of avoiding or surviving an encounter with someone that wants to hurt you.

Oh, bonus tip, almost nothing you have in your pockets is worth getting shot or shooting someone else over.

The problem with handing out this extremely helpful advice is that misogynistic rape-apologists use these same bullet points and tack on super-helpful additions like "don't wear revealing clothing that offers easy access", "keep your hair short so it can't be grabbed", and "don't wear high heels so you can get away". The purpose of the additions is to try and put women in "their place", and make it so that any attack becomes the fault of a woman for not following the proper advice.

This makes the news, and suddenly all the other valuable information, including really charged ideas like not-binge drinking yourself into a stupor that really apply to both sexes, is on the same list as a bunch of hateful, inaccurate nonsense. Anyone that tries to bring up these points has to sit in the same boat as Todd Akin as a result.

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I encounter all of these groups at homeschooler events, ha!

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