Fashion, Art Merge Beautifully at Artopia

Photo by Cherise Luter
A gown presented by Danny Nguyen at Artopia

Last night, I was kicking myself for never attending Artopia in the past. I will never make that mistake again. It's not often that all the creative worlds of Houston converge, which is a pity, but when they do, a real party results.

Presented by the Houston Press, Artopia is the ultimate intersection of culture, fashion, art, food and music. Winter Street Studio plays host to all sorts of live performances interspersed with food and drinks. Then to top it all off, a fashion show, visual art everywhere and live music. Like I said, I was kicking myself for missing all the fun over the years.

Slideshow: Houston Press Artopia 2014 in Photos

A few artists stood out to me, as I wandered through the crowds.

A collection of pieces from self-taught artist Nicole Gavin, known for her unflinching depictions of nude forms and vivid colors.

Thumbnail image for IMG_20140125_20174.jpg
Photo by Cherise Luter
Select pieces by Nicole Gavin

An abstract piece by Reece Carnley caught most people off guard. The piece was painted in blood sealed in resin. The artist explains that the blood was responsibly harvested and is meant to preserve the memory of something that once was alive.

Thumbnail image for IMG_20140125_20350.jpg
Photo by Cherise Luter
'Paintings In Blood' by Reece Carnley

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