Doctor Who: A Guide to Being a Less-Annoying Whovian

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"I wish I had a Dr. Who filter"

That's a phrase I've seen a fair amount recently on my Facebook newsfeed, and as the countdown to Super Bowl XLVII: The Ballening begins right now I am very sympathetic to how aggravating ho fans have probably been over the course of the last year. We couldn't help it, you see. 50 years of time and space was a big deal and most of us went a little teensy bit crazy.

That's over now. The show is just barely starting production of the next season where our Twelfth Doctor will start his proper run. Aside from monthly Big Finish audio releases and maybe a few tie-in novels here and there Doctor Who is over until autumn. To me this represents a perfect time to look at ourselves as a fandom and consider how we could go about not annoying people quite so much.

Let's postulate something right off the tip of the sonic screwdriver; Doctor Who is a religion. If not in the whole faith big churches thing then at least in the way hardcore fans act about it. Look at what happens to someone who gets into the show in a big way. And think about how it compares to, say, a friend that has joined a new church.

* We act like we've found something hidden and amazing and oh my god you guys it's so great.

* We treat it as if it is superior to all other forms, except maybe closely tied spin-offs.

* We go nuts advertising our passion through shirts, bumper-stickers, and iconography.

* We bother people constantly about trying it out.

* We talk in a series of buzzwords and coded phrases, meant to convey esoteric knowledge and strange, deep connections to something greater than ourselves.

* We take completely unrelated things and make them about our obsession whether others want us to or not.

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with appreciating Doctor Who or any other geek vehicle on a deeply spiritual level. God knows I've gotten more out of The Doctor than I've gotten out of Him, but you don't want to be the nerd equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church or those people that go door to door annoying folks at home.

So keep some things in mind.

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