2014 Golden Globes Fashion, With Bonus Fuzzy Screenshot Footage!

Photos by Christina Uticone
E! Network in HD was unavailable for most of the red carpet fashion coverage. So, that was awesome.
I'll leave the commentary on the content of the awards ceremony to someone else--although how about that Michael J. Fox/Parkinson's "fun fact" E! Network put up, huh?--and deal strictly with the fashion that came down the red carpet at last night's Golden Globes awards. Since the Globes kick off award season, they can be seen as a barometer for other awards (SAGs, Oscars), as well as for gowns; actresses will choose Oscar gowns based on the reception of their Golden Globes dress.

There was the occasional hot mess (Paula Patton's head-to-to, horizontal ruffle was distracting) but overall last night's dresses were pretty spectacular. The two biggest trends were sleek and streamlined gowns in solitary, bright hues, or liquid metallics, both of which have an "Old Hollywood" feel.

Emma Thompson gives Christian Louboutin the finger.
Best Fashion Moment of the Night

Before we take a look at the dresses, let's stop and slow-clap for Emma Thompson, who came out on stage, barefoot, with a martini (up) in one hand and a pair of Christian Louboutin platform stilettos in the other. The red, she explained while indicating the signature color of the soles, was actually her blood.

Love you, Emma darling.

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