Naming Your Kids After Television Shows: Probably Not the Best Idea

Don't name your children after us, please!
Who wants to name their kids after fictionalized television drug dealers? Apparently, lots of folks. Last week, The Independent reported that there has been a surge in baby names based on popular television shows. According to the report Breaking Bad's Skyler and Jesse are in the top 100 baby names of the year and are moving up the charts. Skyler, the emotionally abused wife of meth kingpin Walter White increased in popularity by 70 percent and drug-doing and dealing "Bitch"-phrase loving Jesse is up by 13 percent.

That's not the half of it. The name Brody, which is not a name but rather the last name of the main character on Showtime's Homeland, is up by 40 percent and has made its way into the top 100 baby names. Carrie, the show's cray cray CIA agent and Dana, Brody's screwed-up daughter are up by 200 percent and 66 percent respectively. Know that with these names your children are destined to have bi-polar disorder or clean toilets in crappy motels (according to the show).

While these are fairly normal sounding names, Brody aside, the hits just keep on coming. The name Arya, the tomboy Stark daughter from HBOs Game of Thrones is also now on the chart, rising 183 percent in popularity, most likely because no one named their kid that ever before. Adding to the insanity is the fact that according to the article the first baby named Sansa was registered this year as well.

As someone who is currently playing the "what should we name our baby" game, I am all for finding inspiration in bizarre places. My husband wants to name one of our babies Throatpunch, which is an awful metal band. People have been naming their children after characters in books for years. Just three years ago there was a huge rise in the name Bella after the character in the book piece of writing paper with words on it, Twilight. My own kid sister is named after the daughter of Samwise Gamgee from The Hobbit who is named after a flower; talk about nerdy. (I know Arya is really a character from a book, but let's not kid ourselves that most people are consumers of the television show and not the novels.)

I wonder if in 20 years all those Aryas and Brodys are going to watch the television shows that spawned their namesakes and think that their parents were probably smoking too much legalized weed. Will they be totally embarrassed alongside their classmates Katniss and Tris (yeah, I know the Divergent series, what?)? I imagine we'll find a whole generation of kids who rebel against their own hipster-TV loving 'rents by naming their kids Bob and Mary.

If we are going to name our kids after television characters, and why the hell not, here are five more for you that I think should be reintroduced into society.

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The guy that graduated as the valedictorian of my class at Eisenhower HS was named Lynn. I think he went on to attend MIT. Of course, that was in the, yeah time to bring back that name.


I had to comment on this article because I have two cousins who have named their children Angus and Rhoda.  So these names are still out there!  

MadMac topcommenter

Me and my child Darth Scorpius are gonna beat this trend.

Kathy Stabe
Kathy Stabe

Brody is a first name and is not particularly unusual in our world of Cadens, Hazels, and Zaynes.

Jef Withonef
Jef Withonef

When do we get Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All?

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