McDonald's Has More Problems Than Its McRib Sandwich

Or perhaps an easier way to do this would be to give its employees, regardless of full or part-time status, stock. I know that sounds pretty bourgeois to say, but why not? It has been proven time and time again that when employees feel like they have a stake in the company they work for they will feel more satisfied. And at any point they should be given the opportunity to sell the stock, which as of this post is at $96.91 a share. But of course, then give them the assistance and the means to understand stock and to help them sell with free online and in-person seminars.

Lastly, don't fine print your employees. The benefits section of the McDonald's website mentions "free or discounted meals," "free uniforms," and "insurance" all "subject to availability and certain eligibility requirements." So basically... you don't get those things. I worked at a chain restaurant once that made me pay for my uniform and I'll tell you that that one little inconvenience made me angrier and more of an undisciplined worker than any of the other crap they threw at me. I was happy to clean toilets if they would have just paid for my stupid khakis. Little things like that, and at least one free meal per day and a discount for all family members, will cost McDonald's basically nothing and it could go a long way. And health benefits should be given to every employee. Period.

Here's the real problem, though, McDonald's, despite its foot-in-mouth disease, will see little to no flack for this. People are not going to stop eating fast food because of irate employees and poor public relations, but they should. If the media wants to start a class war with the McDonald's corporation and we the people want to post our disgust all over Twitter and Facebook, it may hurt them temporarily, but the real way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If people decide that they've had enough of the golden arch being made of literal gold, they will stop buying their golden fries and that is the only thing that is going to get McDonald's to make a change.

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Eric Zuckero
Eric Zuckero

Finally!!! Someone who thinks the mcrib is pure crap.


"I guess someone looked at the McDonald's nutrition fact sheet and threw up in his or her own mouth."

Da da da DA daaa…I'm loving it.

MadMac topcommenter

Nah, the employees are gonna be paying for that failed McWings rollout for a long, long time.


I don't blame Mcdonalds or any other fast food place for this. It is unskilled labor and you shouldn't earn much more than minimum wage working there. They were never intended as a place you worked at to fully support yourself or a family. When I was young it was the place you went to for your first job or to get a second one to make more money. I blame the politicians who's policies decimated the working middle class and sent all of our manufacturing jobs overseas. I understand why people work there trying to support a family since there are no other jobs available but that doesn't mean Mcdonalds is at fault.


@vpbuckles A couple of points: if the minimum wage were adjusted to match inflation, it would be much higher than it is now. The minimum wage in 1968 was $1.60 an hour. That equals $10.77 in today's dollars in terms of purchasing power. The current minimum wage is about three bucks short of that. 

As for sending jobs overseas...this is simple economics. If politicians were to do anything to protect our manufacturing sector, they'd have to do things like levy import taxes on foreign-made goods, or subsidize domestic production to make it competitive globally, or perhaps undervalue the dollar, or force China to loosen its own monetary policy, which we can't do for various reasons. All of these things require heavier government involvement in the economy than the current political atmosphere allows. At the end of it all is a simple fact: no American worker can work for the wages that a Chinese or Indian laborer works for. 

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