Six Oscar Hopefuls You Should Know About in December

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December is here and, other than cold weather, holiday shopping traffic, and egg nog, that means it's time for the movie studios to start rolling out their Oscar hopefuls. Sure, films like 12 Years a Slave and Gravity have already been in theaters and will likely grab their share of nominations, but for the most part studios save their best bets for the end of the year. There's actually some pretty sound psychology behind this line of thinking.

Now, this is a good thing for movie fans looking for films of a high quality. Without these Oscar hopefuls, they'd be reduced to watching whatever silly kids flick is out or yet another movie in some never-ending franchise. Oh, and there's Anchorman 2, but that's a film everyone can enjoy.

We've rounded up some trailers for the movies you'll likely be hearing all about come award time.

Saving Mr. Banks

This is what happens: I see a trailer for this movie and get really excited; I then proceed to forget that it's the Mary Poppins movie because the title is so boring; I see the title Saving Mr. Banks on a website and wonder what it is. Then the cycle repeats.

The Wolf of Wall Street

I really like this trailer because that Kanye West track is awesome. Oh, and the movie doesn't look half bad either.

American Hustle

So many amazing hairstyles in two-minute trailer. I think we have a frontrunner for those fashion Oscars.

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