Rest of the Best: 10 Best Business Signs in Houston

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Roots Bistro did not make the list.
You know what the best part about capitalism is? No, not that each man has the opportunity to rise to fame and fortune. The real answer is marketing. Glorious, marketing, where artistic skill is dedicated to getting the attention of a potential consumer in the name of trade.

The purest form of this artistic expression is the garish sign for your business, and Houston has produced some real doozies. Today we salute the amazing signage that peppers our roadways.

10. The Alabama Plaza
2922 S Shepherd Dr

There are two fairly iconic signs right in the same parking lot on Shepherd, and weirdly, neither one is at all current. The Cactus-shaped construction was once wonderfully apropos since it advertised Cactus music, but now seems out of place talking up the Whole Earth Provision Co., since Cactus moved down Portsmouth. Likewise, the Alabama sign once told Houstonians it was time to catch The Empire Strikes Back or the beginning of regular Rocky Horror screenings in the city at the Alabama Theater. Now it's Trader Joes. It seems so odd that the signs are all that are left.

9. Antonio's Flying Pizza
2920 Hillcroft St

I must apologize for the picture because no daytime pictures does the Antonio's sign justice. At night it's a neon glory as your Italian chef tosses an endless series of neon pizzas up in the air.

8. Lunch at Sam's
10151 Alfred Ln

There's a million places to get a burger in Houston, but only one of the let's you know that they're serving up bunned beef by erecting a giant one on the street. Their edible counterparts inside are nothing to sneeze at, either.

7. BRC Gastropub
519 Shepherd Dr

Sigh... I wish someone would tell my wife that it is in fact possible to drive by the rooster statue outside BRC without screaming "BIG RED COCK"! It's weird how something that huge and garish can sort of sneak up on you, but it does me every time. One minute you're heading up Shepherd, and then it's just right there looking at you.

6. Bingle Auto Salvage
1967 Bingle Rd

The car under the giant hammer over at the Bingle Auto Salvage has seen better days, honestly. It used to be a bright, gleaming yellow with googly eyeballs and a cartoon tongue hanging out. Still, it's a big hammer making a smash, and that's always eye-catching.

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If I may add one to the list:  Kyber on Richmond near Kirby.  Mickey, the owner, posts clever comments poking fun at the Pappadeaux sign next door.

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