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From Matias Pineiro's Viola

Argentine director Matias Pineiro is one of the media darlings at this year's Houston Cinema Arts Festival. He's got multiple films showing over week-long festival and is appearing at each screening. On Friday, it's Viola and Rosalinda, both based on Shakespearean tales. Viola (shown above) reimagines Twelfth Night as a contemporary love story in Buenos Aires while Rosalinda follows a group of actors as rehearse As You Like It. Taken with the continued relevance and power of Shakespeare's work, Pineiro reportedly took a single female character from each of the two Shakespeare plots. They might be familiar storylines, but Pineiro makes each film his own. (Viola and Rosalinda screen at 6:15 p.m. at Sundance Cinemas, 510 Texas Ave.)

On Saturday, the director presents They All Lie . It's been described as an "intellectual mystery about Argentina's nineteenth-century history of dictatorship and liberalism." It chronicles the adventures of a group of twenty-somethings who fall in and out of love while they plan a robbery. (They All Lie screens at noon at Sundance Cinemas, 510 Texas Ave.)

Sunday, it's The Stolen Man. The film centers on a woman who works at a museum and pilfers odds and ends from work to sell to antique dealers. One day she sees her best friend's fiance with another woman and decides to investigate.

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