The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Graffiti Artists

1. GONZO247

Photo by Marco Torres
At the top of list is the incomparable godfather GONZO247. His work continues to grow, with bigger and better walls and canvases, each celebrating the city, the art, and the people of his hometown.

So there it is. Of course, not everyone will agree with this list, and that's cool. Hit us up in the comments (or on Facebook and Twitter) to let us know who should have made the list. Also, check out Gonzo and nine other big time graffiti artists this Friday at Red Bull Urban Rhythm. Details below:


Of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning the two kings that came out of Houston: Nekst and Vizie. These two brothers promoted and elevated the graffiti culture on a national scale more that almost anyone in the last ten to fifteen years, and it makes us proud that they were raised in H-Town.

REWIND: RIP, King Nekst.

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The Meridian - CLOSED

1503 Chartres, Houston, TX

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Houston Graff isn't poppin.... everyone doin their own thang... peep my drawings  i started drawing in 1999 i was 15 now i'm pushin 30 and i'm too old to be gettin up... that stuff is dumb


"These two brothers" should be deleted from the last paragraph. 


GFX all day. Since 92' hyroglifx have rocked walls and before that it was Kool Crowd Creations in the late 80's. Where cero or Agua! North side writers all day.


@hyroglifx 1.youve been around that long and your shit still sucks.

2.not the real agua (vizie even called you out on that and you got butt hurt)

3.what's a GFX?

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