The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Graffiti Artists

5. ACK!

Photo by Marco Torres
Speaking of interesting characters, the drooling heads that artist Ack! produces have to be some of the most creative and bold creations to dot the urban Houston landscape. The masterful lines and colors of his dudes will amaze you with their clean and simple work.

4. Machine & Machete

Photo by Marco Torres
These two artists are constantly raising the bar with their letters, colors, backgrounds, and accents. They have combined on multiple themed productions that transport the viewer into whatever world they choose to paint. Vivid colors and fantastic imaginations elevate their work towards excellence.

3. Colors Oner

Photo by Marco Torres
Nobody reps the H more than colors, often his city into his art. With bold, colorful letters and imaginative frames, this OG is always ready to teach the youngsters how its done.

2. W3R3 ON3

Photo by Marco Torres
W3R3 ON3 (pronounced "Where") has always been at the forefront of productions walls with his fellow INS crew. Incorporating the number "3" into his works, he paints everything from outstanding letters to alien characters, adding in every color of the rainbow.

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The Meridian - CLOSED

1503 Chartres, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Houston Graff isn't poppin.... everyone doin their own thang... peep my drawings  i started drawing in 1999 i was 15 now i'm pushin 30 and i'm too old to be gettin up... that stuff is dumb


"These two brothers" should be deleted from the last paragraph. 


GFX all day. Since 92' hyroglifx have rocked walls and before that it was Kool Crowd Creations in the late 80's. Where cero or Agua! North side writers all day.


@hyroglifx 1.youve been around that long and your shit still sucks.

2.not the real agua (vizie even called you out on that and you got butt hurt)

3.what's a GFX?

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