The Pros and Cons of the PS4

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My first share on PS4
Pro: The remote play feature that allows the game you're palying on PS4 to stream to your PS Vita is just a genius idea that I can't wait to try out. Not only will this allow me to play while the television is being used for other purposes, it opens up a whole new experience for my wife who more enjoys handheld gaming.

Con: For the first time ever, Sony has released a system with virtually no backwards compatibility. At least PS3 played PSOne games, and even on some models, PS2. Nor is online content purchased for PS3 necessarily going to be available on PS4. Like my complaint that region restrictions still exist in a world of instantaneous accessibility and cloud-based storage it just seems really archaic that we still have to deal with systems that can't play previously bought content. Is it really too much to ask that I have one machine capable of playing every main Final Fantasy?

Pro: It's a minor triumph, but thanks for making a lateral, flat-topped system again, Sony. Since we need to keep both our PS3s and PS2s to continue enjoying those games, it's nice to have the ability to stack them to conserve storage space on the entertainment center.

Con: The launch title selection is pretty dismal, I'm afraid, especially if you're not a sports or first-person shooter fan. Knack is fun and all, but 2013 saw the release of some absolutely incredible titles like Beyond: Two Souls, Ni no Kuni, and The Last of Us. In short, it feels kind of like everything is backwards. We got the ground-breaking games first, then a system that we can't play them on. The timing just seems odd.

Final Verdict: The problem with the eighth generation systems so far seems to be that they are just incrementally better than their predecessors. It doesn't feel like that there's a huge jump in technological achievement that justifies getting a whole new system aside from the fact that the old technology will be phased out soon enough. To put it another way... console gaming is starting to feel more like PC gaming, which has its ups and downs.

All told, though, I love my PS4 dearly. Its interface feels much more polished than the PS3, there's a more elegant simplicity to using it, and it was really quite reasonable as an upgrade. Plus, the ability to stream to handhelds is a definite step in the right direction, as is the ease to incorporate existing social media for the look-at-me crowd (Guilty). Aside from a few hiccups, which are really more the product of the video game industry in general than Sony's design, it's a worthy bearer of the name Playstation.

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Joshua Adam Hunt
Joshua Adam Hunt

You have to pay for online gaming now ? I thought ps was supposed to be free while xbox charged ?

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