Pop Rocks: "Sextortion," Privacy and Miss Teen USA

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Miss Teen USA talking about her "sextortion" case on The Today Show
It was announced yesterday that the suspect of the Miss Teen USA "sextortion" scandal, Jared James Abraham, 19, is expected to plead guilty to his heinous crime. If you haven't been following the case, which has been skimming only slightly above the radar for the past year, here goes:

Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, realized something was afoot when her Facebook page was compromised. She further realized that something smelled rotten in the state of Denmark when she was blackmailed by an anonymous user telling her that her computer's webcam had been hacked into, and that the user was now in possession of compromising photos of the pageant winner. The user allegedly then told Wolf that he would post the photos online if Wolf did not meet his demands. And what, pray tell, were his demands? More nudie photos.

It took a few months for the police to track down Abraham, who is not only allegedly responsible for hacking into Wolf's computer through some spyware virus, but is also possibly behind similar hack jobs of 30-40 more ladies' computers. His demands to all of the women mirrored those made to Wolf - send me more or I will post your naked self all over the Internet.

The plot thickens, though, when Abraham was discovered as the potential culprit and that he and Wolf were not just living in the same Southern California town of Temelcula, but the two had been high school classmates. Wolf doesn't remember him, which is sadly not that shocking.

According to Legalinsurrection.com :

Wolf, 19, told NBC's "Today" show she has "mixed feelings" a day after the arrest of Jared Abrahams, and that part of her feels sorry for him.
"It's weird for me to be able to put a face to the person who did this to me and to know that it's somebody I went to high school with," the beauty queen told "Today."

Abraham's lawyers say he is very sorry and admits that his crime was an offensive one. He faces up to 11 years in federal prison and up to $11 million in fines.

He's done a bad, bad thing. Right?

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Sets a "president"?  C'mon, Press.  Try harder, and cross edit.  PRECEDENT.


"But I think the moral of the story is, be nice to your nerdy classmates when you are really hot because one day they just might hack into your computer and take naked pictures of you from your webcam. "    

REALLY?  That's what you took from this?  Wow.

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