Fall Fashion: Five Must-Have Spend-Worthy Pieces

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Statement coats: All the rage.
Let's skip right past hot trends and "new" colors and all that clever marketing designed to make us fall in love with things most of us should never wear, like "lime green" and dropped-crotch pants. Instead, let's talk about some classic pieces that you will use over and over again, and will make you happy you spent your money wisely.

We shopped all afternoon combed the Internet to find five, fun pieces to help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. (Let's face it--it's not out the realm of possibility that we'll see a few more 90 degree days in 2013.) You may find a surprise or two on this list, and you might even find you have one or two of these things in your closet already. If not, we highly recommend digging around the closet of your nearest grandmother or great-aunt, because vintage, guys. Vintage.

A Brooch or Cameo

Wear this guy, everywhere!
What, you thought this was going to be all "new boots" and "tailored jackets"? No way. It's more fun to start off with a little bling, and there is nothing more classic than a cameo. Their delicacy makes them so visually interesting, and cameos evoke a sense of romanticism; if you have a vintage family piece, you already know what I'm talking about.
Instead of a huge statement necklace (that everyone else is already wearing, thanks J. Crew) scour the second-hand shops for one-of-a-kind pins that you can wear multiple ways: fastened to scarves and lapels, slipped onto delicate chains or ribbon to wear as a necklace, or at the waist of a cocktail dress. Etsy has lots of affordable options, including this pretty cameo for under $50.

Blazer or Tailored Jacket

What, you thought this was going to be a quirky list full of brooches and suspenders? C'mon, now. Of course you need a tailored jacket, which is always a workhorse piece that provides a little more warmth than our summer cardigans. A great blazer works as outerwear, or as a layering piece indoors if you're always cold (like me). Boyfriend jackets are making a comeback, but if you're only going to buy one blazer keep it more traditional; you'll get more mileage out of a fitted jacket than a slouchy boyfriend blazer.

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