Fashion Houston Kicks Off at the Wortham Center in Red Carpet Style

Photos by Christina Uticone
Lots of smiles on the red carpet on Fashion Houston's opening night.
Now in its fourth year, Fashion Houston hosted the opening night of its four-night run at the Wortham Center last night. Doors opened at 6:30 p.m. for a full 90 minutes of red carpet arrivals; attendees walked the giant red carpet before entering the theater, where music thumped, guests mingled with cocktails, and people watching was at its peak.

Fashion Houston's creative director Neal Hamil opened the show by giving a shout-out to Houston talent, saying that the show "has to be an incubator" for local talent. The show started with more famous names, like Marios Schwab and Catherine Deane, but the crowd was just as eager to see Talbot Runhof, Jo'se Reyes, Viet Kent Nguyen, and local wunderkind Amir Taghi, who at just 17 has already interned for Oscar de la Renta and whose label you will find at Tootsies.

The show got off to a late start, so there was plenty of time to peep the guests' fashion. Men, women, and even children were wearing their most fashionable threads. As seen from Section C, Row E:

Not pictured: Press pass, opera-length pearls.
• A woman (@lafashionsnob) with a full headdress made out of wire coat hangers. (It doesn't appear to be a political statement, but knowing that ruins the fun a little.)
• Another pair of Chuck Taylors, and on another member of the press, this time on a girl in a pink tulle tutu. Brilliant.
• Lots, and lots, and lots of Louboutins. Sigh.

There were also things we didn't see enough of, including opera length gloves (one), men in excellent drag (one), and women who, at first glance, seemed at least partially nude (three).

As mentioned, the show started late--just over twenty minutes--which gave guests time to feel the cold. No, not the brisk temperatures outside, but the air conditioned room inside. There was no cover from the forceful air that was pumping down on guests from the ceiling, and women who weren't wearing furs were leveling a hunter's gaze at those who were. After the first couple of shows and an intermission, guests seemed relieved to be back on their feet and moving around.

All of the designers showed strong collections, though the crowd seemed particularly enamored of Schwab and Deane, as well as Talbot Runhof and Amir Taghi.

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