Doctor Who: 5 Reasons "Day of the Doctor" Takes Place in Pete's World (And 1 Why It Can't)

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It's November!

Sure, that means a lot of nice things. The Holidays are starting up. That pathological delusion that we call Daylight Savings Time is over. The weather is cooler. The Playstation 4 is almost here. For us Whovians, though, what it really means is that that the long-awaited 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor" is finally less than three weeks away.

Rumors and theories and hints have surrounded the golden anniversary of the longest running science fiction series ever, but Steven Moffat and the BBC have kept the tightest lid possible on the whole thing. Yet, from the tiny little threads that have been allowed out I think a very good case can be made for the special taking place on Pete's World, the alternate Earth first seen in "Rise of the Cybermen" in 2006.

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5. It's The Easiest Explanation for Ten and Rose's Return: The problem with multi-Doctor specials is how to rectify meeting yourself. Theoretically, the older Doctor should always know exactly what's going to happen because the younger one saw it. That was actually the exact premise of the one classic Doctor appearance in "Time Crash," when Ten used knowledge learned from Five to separate their crashed and melded Tardises.

"Time Crash" works because it's only a few minutes long. "Day of the Doctor" is 75. By returning the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor and Rose from their home in the parallel dimension, where they have been living in a concurrent but separate timeline, it eliminates all the questions we might have about why Eleven doesn't remember anything done in the adventure by Ten. Simply put, the Tenth Doctor never really experienced it. It was only his Meta-Clone.

4. It Saves Us the Regeneration Question: Of course, we are getting another Doctor in the special... John Hurt's mysterious and previously unknown incarnation. Since Steven Moffat has stated that he intends to stick with the idea that a Time Lord has only 12 regenerations this causes a problem pretty soon. With Hurt now a Doctor, and Peter Capaldi cast as the next Doctor for when Matt Smith leaves in December that means we now have the full life of The Doctor accounted for. What happens in four or five years when Capaldi moves on?

But what if John Hurt's Doctor isn't The Doctor of our world, but of Pete's World? There's no reason to assume that universe doesn't also have a Gallifrey and Time Lords and other staples of the show. By introducing Hurt as a just one of a whole new line of Doctors the regeneration question is effectively tabled for years, maybe decades.

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another few of theories that could very much explain all of it.

 in the last ep we were left with Carla and the Doctor are inside the Doctors own timestream. So to start with they need to get out of his timeline somehow, and we already know that Carla has been scattered throughout the Doctors timeline, 13 is in there too. 

1st theory; in pulling them out of the timestream, it somehow shatters allowing characters from his past to be brought into the present point of time.

2nd theory; in coming out of the Doctors timestream the TARDIS matrix collapses causing shattered time.

3rd theory; the Doctor entering his own timestream violates either Timelords Oath, Gallifreian Law or The Shadow Proclamation resulting in other things happening.


Erm, firstly, river song gave the doctor all her lives. secondly, the 11th doctor COULD know of the hurt doctor if he was from a parallel universe, as i think it was david tennants doctor once stated that the time lords could travel between universes freely before the time was ended, and the power to travel between universes was lost with the timelord (after the time war ended).... just saying.

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

I think you mean Clara, not Carla. But yes, I agree with Jef, interesting theories. :)

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