The Random Fashion Trends of ACL 2013

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Photos by Angelica Leicht
Oh, is it now? We like to think it's about the fashion, too.

Wanna know the best thing about festivals, aside from the music? The random fashion, of course. Where else can you find folks sporting questionable headdresses and capes, without earning a second glance? Nowhere, that's where.

And when it came to random festival fashion choices, this year's ACL festival sure delivered the goods. Our favorites -- everything from bare hippie feet to cheeky shorts -- are below. We expect you guys to up the ante next year, though, and perhaps throw in a spirit animal or two for good measure. It's the least you could do.

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Taking a more laid back approach to the suit and tails is an approach even I can appreciate. I mean, more muscle, less material, am I right? These dapper gents are well aware of how to wow the crowd with their penguin inspired skills. I think it works here, and so does the lady in blue. She's obviously enamored with their sense of style.


Capes are an obvious necessity at a festival like ACL, where one moment it's so hot that everyone's shirtless and shameless, and the next they're wrapping up in whatever fabric they can find. It can be difficult to wrap up all snuggly in a half-shirt, but not in a cape! A cape: it's breezy and fancy free when you're sweating your face off while dancing to Passion Pit, or it's a makeshift pashmina to comfort you while you cry during The Cure. Smart move on this dude's part. Bonus for the matching bandana.

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Hey look, it's an emoticon cutout shirt! That's the only kind of emoticon we need, and it's in shirt form. Makes those silly iPhone faces look weak, eh?


Why are there always so many of these Native American headdresses at festivals? It's quite perplexing. Also, what happened to sporting spirit animals at festivals? We quite prefer the fuzzy foxes instead.

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Was in Austin today (a Wednesday) and totally saw a shirtless and shameless. This is an unfortunate trend outside of ACL

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