Pop Rocks: Bieber/Cyrus Voted Worst Role Models. Big Shocker.

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How do you not think this guy as a good role model?
The highly anticipated Third Annual "What to Do With Kids" List of Worst Role Models has been released, and I bet you are not the least bit surprised as to who takes home the prize as the celebrity you want your children to have nothing to do with - Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

How shocking! I would be sure that parents across the country who voted in this pole (all 823 of them) would just love Cyrus' recent naked romp on a wrecking ball or Bieber's latest portraits, which should be titled, "Nude with Guitar." But no! Parents just don't understand artistic expression, I suppose. Ninety percent of all votes made named these two previous poster children of cleanliness and Puritanical values as the absolute worst. Obviously, I am being sarcastic. What parent, Madonna aside, is in love with these two duds as of late?

No one on the list comes as much of a shock. No. 2 on the male list is rapper Kayne West. But he's a new dad, how can he be such a poor role model? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he keeps beating up photographers and cursing out people on his Twitter feed. Who knows? Other dudes on the list include Chris Brown, Lance Armstrong and "Male Rappers." Apparently parents just lump all male rappers into one category and that category is "bad." Parents, haven't you ever heard of the Christian rap scene?

The worst women role models also come as no surprise. Rihanna and her belly-baring, Molly downing self is at No. 2, with Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes taking spots 3-5 respectively. Ehh, I'm sure none of them are crying over the results of this poll.

What I found more shocking was who made the "Best Role Model" list. No. 1 best role model in the male category is One Direction, the band. The whole band is the best role model for your children. Yes their British accents are so charming, but they have been known to throw a few back and then throw a few up because of the number they threw back the night before. But they look like puppies and marshmallows, so we'll push their publicized indiscretions aside.

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I'm not watching that video, but D.C. ("Decent Christian") Talk better be in there.

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