October Kickstarter Round-Up: Garden Gnomes and Black Leather Jesus

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Once a month we'll be bringing you a look at some of the best local Kickstarter campaigns in order to let you know what's getting ready to be unleashed through the help of small investors.

A Game of Gnomes: Shane Tuttle has three things you need to know about; 20 years of graphic design experience, a love of tabletop gaming, and a crippling fear of garden gnomes. He's using the first two to overcome the third in a new family-friendly card game that pits two to six players against each other as they try and grow flowers in their garden. There are a variety of things to help you, such as the fertilizer cards, or to hinder you, such as weeds. Amidst all of that is the sinister Gnick the Gnome, who represents significant threaten to your garden's prosperity. Don't worry, that's what hammers are for.

A mere $5 will net you a printable version of the game, which is fair by any measure. $20 gets you the actual physical game itself. There's just not enough gnomes in the world these days. This will fix that problem.

Goal: $10,000 by October 28.


Alpha Glide: I'm not really sure what the difference is between JRPGs and regular RPGs is, but I do know that a young boy roaming around with a laser cannon having battles with a robot buddy at his side is six different kinds of awesome. Welcome to Alpha Glide, where a kid named Adam is suddenly drawn into a massive war between two nations hell bent on wiping each other off the face of the planet.

It's a pretty standard looking active time battle, 3D adventure, but it's got the added fun of that robot buddy I mentioned, and the fact that you can summon battle mechs to assist you in the fight. Creator Kevin Tillman is offering a really classic adventure with a nice modern twist that looks pretty damned good. $10 is all it takes to get yourself a download copy of the title, and $25 lets you into beta testing. It's a considerable steal.

Goal: $22,000 by November 5

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