How New York Comic-Con 2013 Went Down

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NYCC may not be quite as big as San Diego Comic-Con, but it's still vast and impressive

New York Comic-Con ended yesterday at 5 p.m., and boy, was there a ton of stuff going on. Read on for just a few of the highlights of how it went.

Room For Improvement

NYCC had some problems this year, all of which can be improved upon or completely fixed by next year, should the organizers choose to focus on them.

Friday began with New York Comic-Con being all over the media for the wrong reason. Attendees claimed foul when their Twitter accounts posted enthusiastic "so happy to be at NYCC"-type messages all by themselves. It turns out that if attendees chose to link their badges to their social media accounts upon registration, they were also consenting to allow NYCC to post "on their behalf."

Of course, when companies want to post "on your behalf" it's usually not in your best interests; it's so they can spam all of your friends. Fortunately, when the bad press started coming out and NYCC started coming under fire from the likes of Wil Wheaton and Marvel Comics writer Matt Fraction, the convention organizers discontinued the practice immediately.


There were issues with shuttle service to and from the hotels as well. We personally had our shuttle bus blow right past our stop while we were waiting to be picked up. Other times, the shuttle didn't show up at all after 30 minutes. There were no signs at the stops and no apparent adherence to the estimated "15-20 minute" route schedule. We gave up on the shuttle completely after two days and resorted to cab service and walking for the remainder of the con.

The final issue was the reports of cosplayers being harassed by "camera crews" for a male-oriented You Tube channel. There was at least one complaint that NYCC organizers did nothing even after extensive information about the offenders was provided.


The creeps have since been identified and outed, as reported by Boing Boing. Welcome to the power of social media, jerks.

Fortunately, the con was more fun and informative than troubled, so let's take a look at some of what went down.

Slideshow: Cosplayers Assemble!: The Heroes of New York Comic Con

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