Homemade Halloween No-Sew Costumes are the Greatest Costumes Ever

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Photo courtesy of Lara64 via Flickr Creative Commons
Lookie, Lookie! A Wookiee!

Seriously. Could this thing be any cuter?

If your little one isn't old enough to beg candy from the neighbors just yet, you can still get your fix by going with a baby and dad couples costume. Star Wars is literally the greatest, and yields some really great costume ideas, so go with it.

The Wookiee here looks super simple; you just need a brown long-sleeved onesie and some craft fur, really. If you've got scissors and some fabric glue, you can throw this one together last minute.

Dad's on his own for his costume, though. Kids only on this blog. Although we do fully suggest and encourage mom to throw down as Princess Leia. We would die from the cuteness overload.

Photo courtesy of Clover_1 via Flickr Creative Commons
Minimally Scary Medusa

I love this idea because there's finally a use for those rubber snakes that scared the hell out of me as a kid. So yay, rubber snakes!

I mean, it looks like a pretty easy-breezy costume to put together, other than perhaps some tender-headed issues, if you've got a kid who screams when a brush touches her scalp. (I know from experience on this one -- not sure I'd ever convince mine to let me tie rubber snakes in her hair.)

So -- tender-headed issues aside -- tie some rubber snakes in your darling daughter's hair, cut a cape out of some felt, or make some use out of that throw blanket and secure it around her shoulders, and she's off to turn competing trick-or-treaters to stone with her ensemble.

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Tim Burton's "9"

Remember 9, that creepy doll thing from the Tim Burton movie about the world, post-apocalypse, and these weird doll things? Well, the boy in my house did, and just about the time he was aging out of Halloween costumes, he decided on this bad boy. Way to go out with a bang, dude. I wasn't sure this thing would ever come together.

But ultimately, some Crayola Model Magic for the mask structure and a whole lot of itchy fabric made this thing come to life. I'm not even sure how it held up, but it's still around, and still freaking out little kids -- especially when the mask finds its way out of my closet and into the general area of our house.

Yeah. We're those parents.

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Nick Pittman
Nick Pittman

Wait ... No, it's not. But she has the same dress and costume.


Hey!! Shout outs galore! And those are cuuuuute. I may be medusa.

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