Happy Frankenstein Day: Top 10 Best Frankensteins

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Happy Frankenstein Day! Go make yourself a monster.
While searching around for Halloween fare, I came across an interesting, yet totally irrelevant - and surely made up - fact: October 29 is National Frankenstein Day. What does that mean to 99.9 percent of the public? Oh, nothing. But since our day of spook and scare is right around the corner, why not celebrate one of the greatest and most complex monsters of all time.

The original Frankenstein novel, by Mary Shelley, was first published anonymously, when she was only 21 years old. A reprint was published only a few years later with Shelley as the author, catapulting her into literary history. Initially, critics panned the book, but it became incredibly popular with the reading public. Much of its success was credited to a stage adaptation of the book that came out around the time of the second printing. Since that first adaptation, writers, playwrights and screenwriters alike have been turning the monster made up of nuts and bolts into various iterations, both successfully and not.

Why are we so obsessed with the Frankenstein monster, whose name isn't actually Frankenstein in the book? Do we all wish that we could have god-like powers to create another human being (isn't that what pregnancy is all about)? Or perhaps there is something more to it - the notion of creating a perfect human specimen is romantic and frightening; it's impossible. Or maybe we all just want to make ourselves a best friend... that can kick other people's asses for us.

Regardless, Frankenstein has captivated us decades and here are 10 of the best:

10. Frankenstein UnboundThis is a really bad movie; it's a futuristic take on the classic Shelley novel that involves time traveling and a cameo by Shelley herself. It has one redeeming feature and that is of Raul Julia playing the Frankenstein monster. Other than that, don't waste your time.

9. The Rocky Horror Picture ShowDr. Frank N. Furter makes the cardinal mistake of trying to create a man, Rocky. Rather than killing small children, Rocky is muscular, sexy and sensitive and he entices a young Susan Sarandon.

8. The Diary of Anne FrankensteinYes, there is a movie about Hitler creating a monster to rid the world of all his adversaries. It's absurd and silly and only slightly offensive. It is a short film, which was a part of the B-movie compilation Chillerama. You can probably guess that the "monster" eventually gets the best of Hitler and all is saved! If only it happened that way for real.

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MadMac topcommenter

Peter Boyle in "Young Frankenstein," doesn't make the cut? "Buffy," makes the cut but no mention of the original? Granted the Bride is better than the original but seriously, not one mention? Boris Karloff? The man who made Lon Chaney look like a talentless hack?  Anybody, anybody...? 


What about Blackenstein? Oh wait... You said "Best" not "Most Hilarious/Boring".

On another note... Christopher Lee made a good Frankenstein's Monster.

MadMac topcommenter

Yeah, I really, REALLY need to wake up before reading. Apologies, Ms. Koenig, I'll sit in the corner and wear the pointy hat, now.

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