Emily Snow; Model, Photographer and Free Speaker About Sex (NSFW)

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Twisted Photography
Emily Snow knows a lot about sex, and she's channeled that knowledge into a career as a fetish model, photographer, and as the host of the Nocturnal Addictions podcast where she fields any and all kinky questions, queries, and cries for help. If you need an erotic Jill of All Trades, that's Ms. Snow.

She started out as a phone sex operator, and her work as a model was simply to a way to have more content for her phone sex site. Soon, she loved having her picture taking more than the product she was actually promoting and she decided to pursue that more fully. After she quit the phone sex gig, she found herself with a wealth of knowledge about human sexuality and nothing to do with it, so she partnered with Los Angeles-based painter Jaime Roxx to produces Nocturnal Addictions discussing sex and Houston nightlife.

Snow was also one of the subjects in a ballsy bit of guerilla art at the MFAH. An unknown person or persons pulled a Banksy move and placed a large canvas print on the wall of the museum. The print was a recreation of Da Vince's "The Last Supper" shot by Goon73 Photography. The photo stayed on the wall for two days before anyone noticed and took it down. Snow appears in the photo, shown below, in a gas mask on the far right.

Goon73 Photography
"I like being able to speak freely about sex," said Snow via email. "Modeling goes hand in hand with the podcast. I want people to understand that sex and nudity is completely natural and shouldn't be hidden or kept secret. People come to me with questions and advice on a daily basis. Helping them understand their fetishes and feel comfortable has to be the most rewarding part of what I do."

Subsociety Studio
The alt model community has always been a pretty tight one. Snow draws a lot of inspiration from colleagues like Mosh, Apnea, Masumi Max, and Hex Hypoxia. She enjoys the photography of Kenny Haner, Richard Avery, Philip Warner, Craig Christie and Terry Richardson, and says that she finds beauty in everything around her be it a sunset or a dead squirrel.

Born and raised a Houstonian, Snow doesn't really consider any other place to ply her trade. She finds a lot of support in the massive amount of diversity that Houston offers, and the sex and fetish scene is strong enough to always offer new places and people to interact with. She covers so much of the music and art scenes in the city that it would be strange to start over someplace new.

What's next for her?

"Photo shoots and kinky shenanigans of course but that is a given. I am most excited the anniversary show for my podcast Nocturnal Addictions at the end of October. We have had everyone from local musicians to internationally known porn stars on the show. I strive to keep my show diverse much like Houston. This upcoming year will bring great things and I am excited to share it with everyone."

Jef has a new story, a tale of headless strippers and The Rolling Stones, available now in Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds. You can also connect with him on Facebook.

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what a mindless idiot... love that she promotes individuality and fetish blah blah but she has the IQ of a dial tone...  she recently interviewed Michael Alig... why not marry Charles Manson..oh i forgot..that's being done.


Awesome! You are great at the modeling thing! Love Terri JRS :)

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