10 Things Everyone Knows About Congress (Which Are Wrong)

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My fellow Americans, I like you am annoyed with the 113th United States Congress. There is a reason that the percentage of Americans who approve of the job they're doing is in the single digits. The constant infighting, the endless threats of a government shutdown, and our own Ted Cruz reads a Dr. Suess book on the floor of the Senate. This is not good government.

Side note to Tea Party folks... if you want to pull the hours-long filibuster, please just read the John Galt speech from Atlas Shrugged. Seriously, it'll kill three hours and you'll look less ridiculous.

However, I sympathize with our representatives because I read the comment sections under news stories, and I have to tell you... most people don't have the faintest clue about what Congress actually does or does not do. They're as mad as an ant nest with a water hose stuck in it, and just about as sensible. There is plenty of reason to be angry, but the following ten items are not among them. Try and remember that before you climb astride your political high horse, masterpooper345.

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Gage Skidmore
Congress is Exempt From Obamacare: "If Congress likes Obamacare so much why did they exempt themselves LOL?" They didn't. Every single regulation and rule that applies to the nation as a whole also applies to Congress. In fact, they're actually getting a worse deal because Democrats called a Republican bluff when the law was being debated that forced them out of their current health insurance onto the exchanges. So the fears that employers would cut their employees loose and make them use the exchanges? Yeah that actually happened to the people who wrote the law, though they have since sought a way to allow Congress to keep their current health insurance.

Speaking of...

Members of Congress Get Free Healthcare: "I think Congress should have to use the same system everyone else does LOL." They do. Congress has employer-provided health insurance just like millions of other federal employees, and it comes out of their paychecks just like it probably does yours. They've got a great plan, which you would expect when you're talking about the largest employer in America and the deals you can negotiate with that sort of clout, but it's not any freer than any other health insurance benefits that other Americans get from their jobs.

Members of Congress Don't Pay Social Security: It's amazing how long this myth has held on. At one point Congress didn't pay Social Security, true. They had their own deal, the Civil Service Retirement System which covered most civilian federal employees. The program was considered overly generous, and in 1984 Congress was required to contribute to the Social Security fund. It comes out of their paycheck at the same rate it comes out of yours.

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Brad Lumb
Brad Lumb

That was both informative and helpful. Thank you!


It's astonishing how much mileage some of these falsehoods get. I'm still seeing the whole "Congress is exempt from Obamacare" baloney. If anything, this stuff is just intensifying. 


Nicely done, sir. It always amazes me how frequently this crap comes up, even with people who really should know better...

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@Brad Lumb Why thank you!

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@Anse ... so no one is going to bash me over this article? Weird. 


@JefWithOneF @Anse I *almost* typed, "well, you can't bash somebody for stating the facts"...but then I remembered what year it is and started laughing hysterically.

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