Rest of the Best: 10 Best Houston Places to Have a Drink on Your 21st Birthday

Sarah Hill
The author... proving he knows how to party.
I get it. You're finally legally able to imbibe Brother Booze without all that The Man getting up in your grill. It's pretty much the last hurdle you clear into adulthood (Renting a car at age 25 just doesn't have that same oomph, you know?). The question is, now where will you go to declare to the world that you are now old enough to pour delicious poison down your throat?

Well, it's been a fair few years since I turned 21, but I did reach out to a coterie of young hot nursing students for their suggestions on making the most of their 21st birthdays at the bars in the city. Here's what we came up with.

Landmark River Oaks Theatre Facebook

10. Landmark River Oaks Theatre (2009 W. Gray): If you're of a quiet or intellectual bent, I really recommend the excellent bar upstairs at River Oaks for a nice relaxing drink. The idea of drinks and a movie is still so wonderfully new and newly wonderful that sometimes I'm afraid to talk about it lest it disappear back into the ether, and movie theaters are a familiar atmosphere. Plus, nothing lends itself to good weird foreign and indie cinema like watching it with a drink in your hand.

Baker Street Pub Facebook
9. Baker Street Pub & Grill (5510 Morningside): Though it's part of a chain, the Rice Village BSP feels very neighborhoody. The patio is nice and spacious, and it rarely feels stifling. There's music and karaoke, but it's kept at a nice soft level that lends itself to either enjoying it or ignoring it for conversation. It's an easy place to wander in and enjoy.

Little Woodrow's Facebook
8. Little Woodrow's (5611 Morningside): Pretty much a staple of Rice Village drinking, you don't get more traditionally Houston that having your first drink here. It naturally draws the biggest college crowd of the Woodrows chain, so first time drinkers will feel pretty comfortable. It's the sort of place you gather to drink and talk, not to watch sports, and it offers a slightly rowdier setting than Baker Street if you're looking to let loose.

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Location Info


Landmark River Oaks Theatre

2009 W. Gray St., Houston, TX

Category: Film

Baker Street Pub & Grill

5510 Morningside, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Little Woodrow's (Rice Village)

5611 Morningside Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Music

The Good Life - CLOSED

510 Gray St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Under The Volcano

2349 Bissonnet, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Red Door

2416 Brazos, Houston, TX

Category: Music


2424 Dunstan, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Pub Fiction

2303 Smith, Houston, TX

Category: Music


411 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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