Top 5 Breaking Bad Deaths and a Bonus One

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2. Jane Why is there not a better copy of this on the Internet? Fanboys, get on it!
I think that when Jane, Jesse's heroin addict, conniving girlfriend, dies and Walter watches passively, this is the exact moment that he broke bad, so to speak. While he doesn't technically kill Jane or anything, watching someone choke on their own vomit while you stand by motionless, is more or less murder. But I'm no lawyer.

1. Gus Fring The death of Gus Fring was the perfect crime. Let's rig up a bomb to a wheel chair that is detonated only by a bell rung by a vengeful paraplegic. If you are a Breaking Bad nerd you were not only wowed by the manner in which Fring died but also the parallels between his half missing face and that of the pink bear found in the White's pool.

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Also, ATM head crush!!! 

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