The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Romantic Spots

Just looking for the right place to get in the mood
We asked our friends and co-workers for some suggestions as to Houston's most romantic spots. We got a few helpful answers (the James Turrell Skyspace, Rainbow Lodge) and then we got some not so helpful answers. One co-worker suggested Treasures Houston. He didn't specify as to a VIP booth or a dark corner table, just Treasures. Further exploration established that even the Treasures parking lot was acceptable, so long as titties were flying everywhere. Ah, no. Next we got the center of the ice rink at the Galleria at midnight on New Year's Eve. Okay, from too general to too specific. We're not even sure the Galleria or the ice rink are open at midnight on New Year's Eve. Visions of elegantly dressed couples elbowing each other for space, not to mention, the spectacular falls New Year's Eve champagne was sure to promote, flashed before our eyes as we thought about it. Ah, another no. Our favorite rejected suggestion was the exit ramp at the Harris County Jail. True, anyone exiting the jail is going to see his or her waiting significant other with loving tenderness and appreciation ... until the bails bondsman gets the paperwork filed.Then it's back to business as usual. Ah, sadly, yet another no.

Here's the real deal:

Photo by Ed T

10. The Reflection Pond at the Houston Zoo
6200 Hermann Park Dr.

You'll have to be a little careful with any PDAs as highly impressionable kids are sure to running around, but the Reflection Pond at the Houston Zoo (seen above) makes our list of top romantic spots for its "secret garden" feel. We suggest you try the pond at dusk on a cool fall evening; it's magical.

Photo by Keith Perkins
9. Williams Tower Waterwall
2800 Post Oak Boulevard.

Suffering from a slight case of over-exposoure, the Williams Tower Waterwall nonetheless makes a wonderful setting for a first kiss. Again, we suggest dusk as the optimum time to visit. Chances are another couple or two will also be visiting at the same time as you, so don't expect total privacy.

Hotel Sorella
8. Hotel Sorrela's Monalisa Lounge
800 Sorella Court

We admit the Monalisa appeals to the failed socialite in us - but the vision of sitting in our own draped cabana having drinks by the pool and overlooking the hotel's plaza screams romance. (Those drapes come in handy when you want to turn a PDA into something more private.) Great drinks and good food add to the allure - as does knowing a hotel room is just a few steps away for complete privacy.

Photo by Jon Burns
7. Kemah Boardwalk
215 Kipp Avenue

Yes, the Kemah Boardwalk tends to bustle with families and tourists during its frequent festivals, but even that can't mar the boardwalk's appeal. The quite water, wide walkways, beautiful sunsets - and a whole bunch of places to get a drink and dinner nearby push the boardwalk into our No. 7 spot.

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Rice University

6100 Main St., Houston, TX

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Houston Zoo

6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX

Category: General


909 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Rainbow Lodge

2011 Ella Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Wesley Burnham
Wesley Burnham

No mention of Applebee's on a Friday night? What says romance better than the thriftiness of two for $20?

Daddy Tang
Daddy Tang

The entire list is bogus with no mention of MARFRELESS!!!

Tofu Alienn
Tofu Alienn

oh yea Flora & muse my new fav spot in Houston.

Tofu Alienn
Tofu Alienn

One more thing, the roof top Downtown Houston on the fourth of July singing the national anthem with complete strangers, and people of different backgrounds and friends and family. Now that is romantic at its best and it's completely free.

Tofu Alienn
Tofu Alienn

I would recommend a stroll through Glenwood Cemetery, to read the romantic poetry and see the divine sculptures and then have tea for 2 at The Path of Tea, also maybe have an enchanting hike at Brazos Bend State Park with butterflies and lovely terrain & bodies of water to view. Then venture to Bistro Le Cep and there is always staying over night at the Houston Museum of Natural Science with the bugs & rainforest when the corpse flower comes around and finding your inner nerd.

Houston Press
Houston Press

Which spots would you suggest? We're always looking for more recommendations.


It seems a bit odd for a list of romantic spots but I'd highly suggest Glenwood Cemetery on Washington Ave. It's very quiet, has the same "secret garden" feel you mentioned and lots of places to walk around and get lost.

Danielle Stephens
Danielle Stephens

Kemah Boardwalk is the last place I'd go. Screaming kids and carnival rides? Not my idea of romantic.

Tofu Alienn
Tofu Alienn

Now you know this is how these places sell themselves because I highly disagree with this post. I've been all over Houston and these are not all the most romantic places. boo Houston press


@Houston Press Greyhound Bus Station?????

texmex01 topcommenter

@BLemire and all the goose bumps you can stand....


@Danielle Stephens Wait until a little later in the evening.Go when a Band is playing for a free concert,then a slow walk along the boardwalk around 10:00pm.....

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@Jean Genie   And yet you recommend a cemetery...  kinda lose all credibility when you do that.  Of course, I'm not emo or goth.  

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