Reviews for the Lazy Gamer: Payday 2

Categories: Gaming

Game: Payday 2

Platform: PS3/XBox/PC

Publisher/Developer: 505 Games/ Overkill

Genre: Co-op Crime Shooter

Describe This Game in Three Words: Been Caught Stealin'

Plot: You star as one of four hired guns employed to do dirty jobs for the highest bidder. These range from smashing up malls to knocking off jewelry stores. The stakes are big, and the action is furious.

Up, Up: Dane Cook was right on the money when he said, "Every man wants to be in on a heist." I couldn't tell you why, whether it's a flaw in our basic humanity or an overdose on Hollywood, the experience just looks cool. Now, you can drop in effortlessly to any number of jobs, and feel like a professional criminal.

The game is extremely easy to get into, and honestly quite forgiving in the early stages of play. You and your team follow very simple instructions for getting out jewelry, cash, or whatever your preferred target is. It's a rush the first time you slip on your clown mask and dive right into a real caper.

Then, like all great heist films, it all goes to hell and you're facing off with snipers, cops, security, and SWAT. The controls have been smoothed out a great deal over the first Payday, and the AI seems more realistic. If you ever wanted to be thrown into a Showtime crime drama, this will more than do you.

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