Top 5 Reasons My Little Pony Is Better Than Any Cartoon I Grew Up With

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3. The Art is Clearly Better: Look, I understand that drawing things is hard. I can't do it, and when you're churning out a series you cut labor wherever you can. Hire another animator? That would cost like a month's cocaine! Balderdash.

I remember staring at He-Man every week and wondering why he always seemed to do that little move where he would run in from the upper left corner, stop, toss his sword from one hand to the other, then run off screen. He literally did it every week, and the reason was you could switch out the background and add four seconds to the running length for zero dollars.

That's the sort of thing that happens when you're not really making a product because you believe in it, and it never happens on MLP. Sure, they occasionally reuse character models, but they'll at least given them different names, voices, cutie marks, etc. If Mortal Kombat can get away with palette-swapping it behooves us (I kill me) to offer the same courtesy to the ponies.

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2. Doctor Whooves: This requires no further explanation, I trust.

1. It Teaches Forgiveness: If there is one consistent thing that I have against most kids' cartoons these days it's that there are no bad guys. Most of the time everyone is bumbling around on the same side with no sort of real conflict at all. I understand that this is more indicative of real life, but I do yearn occasionally for a modern day Cobra Commander.

MLP has bad guys. Nightmare Moon, Discord, Trixie, and they are all very much maniacal villains... when they're first introduced, that is. All three of those characters get a second chance, eventually finding friendship, understanding, and forgiveness. You got the good-guy-teams-with-bad-guy episodes back when I was a lad, but it always resolved itself back to the basic paradigm by the end of the episode.

Here, villains actually learn something about themselves sometimes, and that's a really important lesson for a kid growing up. You can't teach them that the world is divided into to camps, good and evil. You have to show them that every side usually is trying to do what they consider right, and maybe if we reach them the right way they'll come around. I'm willing to bet that thanks to MLP there will be a lot fewer bigots in the world when the show's youngest fans eventually inherit it.

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Looking from a larger picture, there is a reason shows like this appeals to the older audience (let alone anyone from a wider spectrum) beyond the initial target demographic. The show incorporates the style, complexity, background, personality, solid humor and other elements into the story line, all of which the audience can enjoy. In short, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, at its core, is just a well-written show.

John Sims
John Sims

Fuck you, Houston Press writer.

Beka Ainsworth
Beka Ainsworth

MLP is a really good cartoon, and it's great that it's not "just another mindless cartoon for little girls". I only wish the fandom wasn't batshit crazy; it scared me away a long time ago.


@Beka Ainsworth I know what you mean. I got introduced to the show when I joined the dev team for a fan-made game based on it. It was a fun experience, but the more rabid fans scared me away too. The show itself is pretty awesome, although the third season felt like a major drop in quality.


@Beka Ainsworth So how much time have you actually spent with "Bronies" before you made up your mind that the fandom was batshit crazy? Because I am going to venture forth that you made your opinion of them only from what you've read elsewhere and didn't actually get to know any Bronies.

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