Top 5 Reasons My Little Pony Is Better Than Any Cartoon I Grew Up With

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Don't worry friends and neighbors, One F isn't going all brony on you. Though I have long-since buried the hatchet with that community once I discovered some neo-Nazi had made a chart showing how MLP conflicted with proper fascist values, I remain baffled by the herd. I wouldn't watch this show if I wasn't forced to.

But forced I am, by the tiny dictator that lives in my house. I don't see what about the series would speak to a grown person, but as far as things my daughter insists on viewing over and over again it's not bad.

Not only is it not bad, it's objectively better than any cartoon I grew up with. Keep in mind I'm 32, which means I'm talking about He-Man, Transformers, and Thundercats. Yes, I just said My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is better than Transformers. Here's why.

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5. It's Not a Giant Toy Commercial: That's not to say that the toy aisle isn't awash with MLP swag. If you wanted to blow a paycheck on pony stuff, that's certainly possible. But back in the '80s cartoons existed solely as a way to sell toys. That was their entire purpose.

Hell, in the Transformers movie they straight up murdered something like ten original characters just to make room for new ones that they could sell as toys. That is some heavy stuff to lay on a kid. Sorry, Timmy, you bought Hot Rod instead of Wheeljack, so Wheeljack had to die.

4. The Show Actually Remembers Previous Episodes: Another aspect of the "MUST SELL TOYS!" mentality was the constant introduction of guest characters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was really big on that. Who's this? Mondo Gecko, the skateboarding mutant lizard! He's going to turn from a life of crime and become the Turtles' sewer neighbor!

Then nothing. Mondo Gecko shows up exactly one more time in basically a quick cameo, then he's gone. That happened all the time in TMNT and He-Man. In MLP, at least when Rainbow Dash gets a pet turtle with a helicopter attached to his back you see him consistently later on. Not only that, but the show constantly adds little bits of character development for such incidental folks. It's long-term storytelling, and that wasn't a real thing when I was growing up. You just reset every week while they sold you plastic and cereal.

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Looking from a larger picture, there is a reason shows like this appeals to the older audience (let alone anyone from a wider spectrum) beyond the initial target demographic. The show incorporates the style, complexity, background, personality, solid humor and other elements into the story line, all of which the audience can enjoy. In short, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, at its core, is just a well-written show.

John Sims
John Sims

Fuck you, Houston Press writer.

Beka Ainsworth
Beka Ainsworth

MLP is a really good cartoon, and it's great that it's not "just another mindless cartoon for little girls". I only wish the fandom wasn't batshit crazy; it scared me away a long time ago.


@Beka Ainsworth I know what you mean. I got introduced to the show when I joined the dev team for a fan-made game based on it. It was a fun experience, but the more rabid fans scared me away too. The show itself is pretty awesome, although the third season felt like a major drop in quality.


@Beka Ainsworth So how much time have you actually spent with "Bronies" before you made up your mind that the fandom was batshit crazy? Because I am going to venture forth that you made your opinion of them only from what you've read elsewhere and didn't actually get to know any Bronies.

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