Reviews for the Lazy Gamer: Lost Planet 3

Categories: Gaming

Game: Lost Planet 3

Platform: PS3/XBox/PC

Publisher/Developer: Spark Unlimited/Capcom

Genre: Action Adventure

Describe This Game in Three Words: Better Than DS3 (Dead Space 3)

Plot: This entry in the series is a prequel, set in a time when E.D.N. III was still a frozen wasteland. Our hero is Jim Peyton, a colonist and mercenary who comes to E.D.N. III to make his fortune and set his family up for life. It's his job to keep the colony stabilized and repaired through taking out hostile indigenous life and repairing the facility in his giant mech.

Up, Up: Somewhere between Dead Space 3 and Metroid: Other M is Lost Planet 3... and it's by far superior to both. Though the game is of slightly less quality in terms of storytelling and cinematic execution, feeling slightly more like a Sy fy film than a feature one, it's a lot more fun to play. It lacks DS3's increasingly cliché jump scares and certainly tops Metroid: Other M by not having a horribly contrived difficulty curb.

And of course, you get to pilot a giant mech and punch things with it! There's really not anything quite like that, and it's still a strangely under-represented thing in gaming.

You get dropped right into the action, and it feels very organic. Peyton is a believable protagonist, and he's got a fantastic supporting cast. Taking out enemies is a bit more difficult than in games like Tomb Raider where proper stealth and shot set-up count for so much. Peyton is more of a grunt, and he takes out aliens with hip shots and nonchalance. Things get deeper pretty soon though, but the game never quite loses its fun factor. It's just a pleasure to play.

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